I need to make an effort getting ready once again


I used to be so good at piecing together outfits and actually spending time getting ready however, recently that has all been scrapped and I have reverted back to old ways of being lazy and having chaotic mornings as I race against time to get out of the house on schedule. I used to be so good at planning outfits ahead of time and having them all out and ready but now I have reverted to throwing on any old outfit on in a morning with no consideration to what the day has in store for me or where I will be spending the majority of time. Everything is just so rushed on a morning and you can tell as nothing fits right, colours don't go together and items such as jewellery just gets forgotten about and I am sick of it I want that to change and I want to actually have time to plan ahead once more. I know that when I piece my outfits together I feel great where as when I do what I am currently doing I feel down about what I am wearing and most importantly I feel really uncomfortable everyday, as I feel like people are looking at me for all the wrong reasons and I know if I just took time and put more effort into getting ready this would change and I would feel so much better. 

I also want time to get a real skincare routine going, something which I am always in and out of but know I could perfect a routine my skin would thank me so much as it would be in much better condition. There is also the matter of my hair, it is getting quite long now and it is no longer a two second job as it takes time to style is and just get it under control, I am sick of making minimal effort and just running a brush through it as it never looks how I want it and if I just made a bit more effort it would look so much better and that effort would really show. 

The determination is there now to really start making more effort on a morning and nail the basics of a good skincare routine, hair styling and of course putting on a brilliant outfit that makes me feel great. So here is the plan for achieving those things daily...

Get outfit ready the night before 

This is the big one and I know that if I can get this done every single night then my mornings will be so much easier as when it comes to getting dressed I know exactly what I am going to wear rather than having to search through my wardrobe quickly on a morning throwing on any old piece of clothing. This gives me extra time on a morning to focus on other steps in the plan too so let's hope this is a habit I can stick to easily and carry out daily as it will make life so much easier.

Get up earlier

I am a nightmare for hitting snooze or cancelling an alarm all together and setting a totally different one but that is something I am going to stop doing now as I know by getting up earlier I will have the time to carry out everything I want to without rushing around, if I stick to what I want to I will even have time in a morning to get my workout done and out of the way before making a real start to my day which in turn frees up some time for me in an evening which is a win, win situation really.

Get showered etc 

Once I am up nice and early & worked out it will be time to have a nice relaxing shower to kick start my day, rather than having the worlds quickest shower or wash as I am running low on time which happens basically daily now. Just having longer in the shower means I can get ready without having to worry about time going away from myself, these days if I get in it is a case of I know I can't listen to a full song or I am going to be late. It will also give me the chance to get ready and even have my few minutes of cold water therapy without worrying about the time and how I am going to get everything done without being late.

Do my skincare routine

Once the shower is done it will be time to actually stand and do a full skincare routine without having to worry about skipping steps due to time restraints. I want to make sure that within making an effort I am taking every necessary step to ensure my skin condition massively improves and that I have a routine that I can really keep up with for the foreseeable future. My skin used to be great as I have previously had a skincare routine I stuck to for a while so now it is a case of getting that consistency back to bring my skin back to life once more.

Apply any other products and my fragrance

This is a bit of a new one for me as I am very tempted to add a bit of makeup into my routine something which I haven't done in a very long time. I think I just want that little bit of extra coverage and having this new plan in place will allow me some time to experiment if this works for me or not so I guess only time will tell if this is something I stick to or not. This step will also include picking out the perfect to go with the style I am opting for that day, I want it to compliment it rather than being totally out of season or not as nice as it should be. 

Get dressed 

This step should be super easy as the clothes will already be laid out from the night before so it is a case of just going into the spare room and putting on those pieces of clothing and getting ready to head out for the day. No last minute decisions and dressed in something that is going to be 100% suitable for whatever the day holds so I won't be caught out like on previous occasions... a trampoline park in jeans and nice top is not the vibe.

Sort hair out

Once all the above steps are done it is time to actually spend some time sorting my hair out as what is point in doing all the above if my hair just ruins the rest of the look. When it was short I barely had to do anything with it however, now I am having to actually spend a fair bit of time on it by using the hairdryer and straighteners and a little bit of product. I actually don't mind doing my hair so I am looking forward to adding this into my routine to make  sure I have plenty of time to really make an effort with my hair each day. 

Not only do I think these steps will help me make more effort on a day to day basis but I also think they will give me a much more relaxed start to the day as I won't be rushing around late or looking for what to wear. Let's see how this works out shall we.

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