It is time to mix up the sneakers I wear


I guess you could say I am a bit of a sneaker collector/hoarder as the downstairs of our house is filled with a huge amount of sneakers that I own and very little that Liam owns. I even have pairs sat on the shelf that are more or less falling apart, I just can't bare to get rid and now class them as my gardening shoes, but I don't even garden. I tend to wear the same pairs over and over again until they are literally falling apart and it really makes outfits look scruffy where as I have plenty of options sat unworn in boxes that I just don't wear and that would look great with some of the outfits I piece together. 

My current go to pair are the classic all white Nike Air Force 1's as they literally go with everything in my wardrobe so to be honest I wear them for the convenience as I don't have to worry about spending 20 minutes matching the perfect shoes with my outfit which I guess just makes me very lazy and I really need to get out of doing this and actually mix up what footwear I wear each day.As I said earlier it isn't like I don't have options available to me, in fact sometimes I think I have too many options and the thought of picking the perfect pair each day fills me with a bit of dread as how do I pick out just the perfect pair in a small amount of time. Since earning my own money my sneaker collection has considerably grown but I have also put a considerable amount into specific pairs which have been left unworn for numerous years as why would I spend nearly £200 on a pair of sneakers for me to wear them and scuff or crease them? I am always on edge wearing the big purchases as I want them to last I don't want them to be ruined, in fact I want to own them forever or at least that is what I thought. As I am growing up more though and reflecting on both money and style I am realising that I really need to get out of this mindset and enjoy my purchases. Pair them with the perfect outfit and actually style them up rather than have them sat in a box on a shelf gathering dust like they currently are, they certainly shouldn't be hidden away and I am learning that I need to get my wear out of them or that money could have very easily gone on something that is more beneficial, like a job in the house that needs doing as we are way behind on those. 

The plan going ahead is definitely going to be a case of not buying sneakers until I have worn plenty of other ones and I really need an upgrade. Even then it will be a case of only buying a new pair if I throw a couple out that are no good, there is no need to keep hold of them for the sake of it like I do now especially if they are damaged plus I only need 1 or maybe two pairs of shoes for the garden, not the 10 I currently have. Granted for this Spring & Summer I may allow myself to have a white pair of Converse or some new all white sneakers to go with the seasons outfits but that is the cut off and all I am able to treat myself to as there are plenty of other sneaker options already in my wardrobe. In my collection there is definitely a style of sneaker for every occasion so I need to just mix it up every now and add different elements to my outfits through my footwear which can definitely be done with ease. Granted some of those limited edition pairs I have will be staying in the box as those are far too good to ruin however, the other pairs are coming out of those boxes and being added to the rotation, if they get scuffed or dirty I can try fix them back up but that fear needs to disappear.

It is time to start earning those new purchases and get the wear out of what I own at long last and ditch the daily wear of the Air Force's.

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