March 2023 fitness update


Well once again I am reporting on a month where barely anything went to plan. Granted a lot of the month was spent trying to settle the dog so not much else got done but I also spent a lot of time making excuses for not getting on with things and I really need to get out of that mindset. So here is how the terrible month went in terms of my goals...

Lose 6lbs 

Well as you will see later on in this post this goal really didn't go to plan. The scales really haven't been my friendly lately and I need to change that if I want to be anywhere near the goals I have set myself to the next few months. It is time to get my head back in it now and really make a difference.

Hit all my strength sessions

This was really hard to do as juggling the dog and trying to have a spare hour to work out was an issue. He is only allowed downstairs at the moment so working out with him in the way was a real struggle and I just gave up to be honest. I am determined to get on track with these asap though.

Meal prep every week 

Again this is another goal I was just too lazy with. I could have definitely done this if I got my act together but nope I went for the convenience of meal deals for the month which cost me a fortune and didn't keep me feeling full or hit my goals at all.

8K steps daily 

This one was really hit and miss throughout the month as one minute I was walking for ages whilst other days I just struggled to fit everything in. I am definitely improving on my steps though and I am in a better place than I was this time last year however, I know this is going to get even better once the dog can get out on walks. I should very easily be smashing this on a day to day basis once this happens.

Reduce amount of takeaways during month

Oh look another goal that I failed miserably at and to be honest I am mad at myself for that as it has ended up costing me a fortune and that isn't helping my financial goals at all and it certainly isn't helping my weight loss goals either. I really need to start reducing the amount we are having now as it is getting absolutely ridiculous it isn't like it is such a chore to cook and if I did cook fresh healthy meals I would see a huge difference.

Boxing session every week possible

This one was hit and miss to be honest as thanks to a variety of reasons I had to miss a session however, for those that I did get the chance to go to I felt great after so fingers crossed April will see me hit so many more of these sessions which will certainly help me on my journey.

Declutter workout clothes

Time wasn't on my side once again for this one and to be honest it has frustrated me as I definitely need to get this done as my workout clothes are everywhere at the moment as storage space is lacking and quite a few pieces don't even fit me anymore so it is about time I got rid.

Complete monthly challenge 

I think I am giving up on these as this year so far they just aren't going to plan due to a lack of time to get these done in. This might be something I revisit in 2024 but for now I am shelving the challenges and just focusing on my journey.

So here is how the scales looked in March...

Beginning of March weight: 15 stone 0 lb 

End of March weight : 15 stone 1 lb

Total loss for the month : - + 1lb

So here are the goals I am making for myself to hopefully smash in April...

- Lose 4lbs

- Hit all strength sessions

- Meal prep weekly 

- 8K steps daily

- Get into a better/ healthier routine

-Get started on the 5k prep

- Boxing every week possible

- Declutter the workout clothes

- Football training every week possible

I am determined that April is going to be the month where I really hit the ground running and see a difference. Luckily as the month progresses the dog can go out for a walk so fingers crossed that will help me with the routine and getting my steps in but all I know for sure is that it is time to get my act together and see some big progress throughout the month. I know I can do it I just need to stop being so lazy and get cracking on.

Total loss for 2023 : + 3lb

Total loss since start of journey : - 1 stone 1 lb

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