Our First Musclefood Order

This week I have started changing my diet to go alongside my new found love of exercise, it is my diet that really lets me down with things as I just eat for the sake of eating and all I eat is junk. So this week I have started logging what I eat over on MyFitnessPal which has really opened my eyes, some things that I thought were good for me really aren't and it is also helping me in terms of portion control. Alongside this thought we made our first Musclefood order, this has meant I am actually taking dinners to work that I know are good for me and are going to help keep me on track to achieve my goals.

I was really impressed with how well packaged the box was, the meals were well protected and all of them had stayed frozen thanks to the little ice packs that come with it, plus these can be recycled so that is even better as I am trying to get better in that sense too (more to come on that change soon though).  We even got some Mojito seasoning thrown in with the order too, although we don't know what we are going to do with that. 

We took advantage and got the 10 meals for £29.00 offer as we can spend £5 a day on lunch as it is so if we can spent less but eat better then 100% perfect. So here are what we opted for we got 5 meals each...

I love BBQ chicken and rice so as soon as I saw this I knew I was getting this, it is high in protein too and only 321 calories for the full meal. 

This is the meal I was looking forward to the most as it is sausage, bean, bacon and potatos. Which is basically my favourite things all thrown into one. I got 2 of these and Liam also got 1.

I also got a chicken tikka pot as I have to admit I do love a good chicken tikka (I am actually making my own again this week and can't wait). I am pretty excited to try this one. 

Next up we both got a sweet chilli chicken pot which also comes with broccoli and cauliflower. I love sweet chilli chicken but honestly haven't tried it with broccoli and cauliflower before.

Liam got a satay chicken pot which looks quite nice but honestly I know it wouldn't be for me.

The final meal I picked was just the plain chicken pot, I get laughed at quite a bit as I prefer meals plain, sometimes sauce is just no good for me. Even when we have my favourite meal chicken and sweet potato fries, the chicken is plain no seasoning and sauce. 

Finally Liam got the BBQ pulled pork pot, I would have also got this one but I haven't tried butternut squash before and I just don't like sweetcorn.

Keep checking back as I will be doing a post once all these meals have been eaten to let you know what I think to them and if I will be using Musclefood again.

See you soon

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