My Favourite Bradford City Shirts

I have had my fair share of Bradford shirts over the years but I have also missed out on my fair share of some brilliant ones. But in today's post I am going to share with you all my favourites since I have been supporting the club. There has been plenty of memories and fun times created in some of these shirts. Growing up I always got a football shirt for my birthday, a lot of the times it was Bradford City or as I got a little bit older it was Man Utd (I still follow them now but my club is definitely Bradford). So over the years I have accumulated a large collection of shirts which I may feature on here some day if you would be interested? But the majority of them are still at my parents. City have had some great shirts in the past and have also had their fair share of not so great ones but here are my favourites....

The 1999-2001 home shirts is one of the shirts I have so many great memories of. I will have been 5-7 year old when this shirt was worn and I definitely got my wear out of it. This was the time when there was a lot of football parties going on and this was worn to them all, in fact my parents have a photo framed from one of my birthday parties and both me and my sister in the full kit ready to go (I may put this up on my Instagram so give that a follow). This is also the shirt worn when the club were actually in the top flight which was a great time and hopefully one day we get there again, although at the moment it really doesn't seem likely. I also remember begging my parents to go to an event straight after school for meeting some of the players and they caved, I made sure they brought my shirt in the car so I could get changed and ready to meet some of my favourites, any pictures we have from that day you can see the school uniform under the shirt.

The 2013-2014away shirt is another favourite as I absolutely love the blue colour especially how it fades from blue to white. Unfortunately I personally don't own this shirt but my sister does and it is signed by Oli McBurnie as she absolutely loved him. This shirt just looks so simple but to me it does stand out in memory.

 The 2001-2003 home shirt is another one of my favourite shirts and honestly I think the biggest reason for this is as it is an own brand shirt. The only things on the shirt are the club badge and the sponsor so it is nice and simple plus it is the classic stripes which every City fan loves. I don't know what it is though but one of the big things I love about this shirt is the collar, the majority of my favourites shirts for any club actually have collars if I come to think about it.  

The 2001-2003 away shirt is also one of my favourites again this is thanks to it being it's own brand plus the collar. I got so much wear out of this one and even got the matching shorts. I will always remember my dad having these shorts too and I honestly think he has only just got rid of them.

Left Hand Photo courtesy of Charity Shop Find's Football Shirts.

The 1997-1999 shirt is possibly one of my first football shirts and I am sure we still have it to this day. I love the collar with the city colours on it and the extra details on the sleeves. I used to wear this shirt all the time even though as you can see in the image it was just a bit too big for me. I think though the main reason it is a favourite is the sentimental reasons behind it, you always love your first shirt.

I have to mention this seasons shirts too as the home shirt is finally back to the stripes we all love and it just looks really nice and the 3rd shirt is brilliant in my opinion. I just love how bright it is, maybe this season we will pass to the right players when we wear these shirts.  

There has been plenty of memories and fun times created in some of these shirts and I only hope to create more in the future when new ones are released as I will never get fed up of buying them. I am also hoping to get it so my nephew is just like me and gets a shirt every birthday so he can have his one little memories to do with the club whilst growing up. Keep an eye on my Instagram and Facebook though as I may post the shirts that just missed the cut. What are your favourite Bradford City shirts?

See you soon,

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