Gymshark Element Shorts

One of the best things about getting back in the gym for me has been try out the new clothing I have bought for it, or my family have given me as gifts. The brand that I have been obsessed with is definitely Gymshark as their products are fantastic, I got a few items from their event in Manchester and my aunt also ordered me some.

An area I usually struggle in is shorts, I can get the perfect t-shirts and even if they are a little to long I just roll them up a little bit. But with shorts I need them to be the perfect length or it really bugs me especially when doing leg work or on the treadmill or bike, I don't want them riding up too far. 

In the past some of my shorts have been too short and tight where as others have been far too loose on the waist and baggy on the knees whilst also being too long. The fact most are too long is basically just down to my legs being stupidly short. 

That is why these Gymshark Element shorts tick all the boxes for me. They come to just above the knee, which is the lenght I prefer them to be and they are the perfect fit, they aren't skin tight but they aren't too loose that they are constantly hitting my legs. 

They have zip pockets for me to keep my phone and gym fob nice and safe throughout my work out, there is no chance of them just falling out like they have done in some of my previous shorts. In fact it is nice having shorts with pockets as some in the past haven't even had them. 

The shorts are really simple too they aren't over done with the branding they just have the little tag on the right leg that is visible and that is it. However, it is those hidden details I am loving the most as on the inside of the waistband it has that very memorable Gymshark saying 'Be a visionary' and I love it. The drawstring also has Gymshark and the logo on them, so they aren't as plain as you think upon your first look.  

My movement hasn't been limited whilst wearing these which is brilliant as I can really get my legs working without having to worry about only stretching so far or over doing it. They have washed pretty well too which doesn't happen right often with some of the stuff I was (I tend to shrink quite a few items) but these have with stood the test. At just £25 they are definitely a bargain in my eyes as I can see them lasting me quite a while and I know for a fact I will be getting more of this type in the future, but I will also be trying out some others but I just aren't sure yet. 

Gymshark are very quickly becoming my favourite brand but the question is which Gymshark items do you recommend for me to add to my work out drawer next?

See you soon,

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