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Carrying on from my supporting local Brighouse post, another team I am really interested in following is Bradford City women. I am a huge Bradford City fan in the men's game so why not let this follow on into the women's game and get behind them. The team play over at Eccleshill United's ground (The Mitton Group Stadium) which isn't far from Valley Parade itself.

Bradford are a team I once had trails for, well their centre of excellence, but nothing ever came of that and I sort of drifted away from them, it never even crossed my mind to get down to games and support them, until this season.

I do know however, that last season they didn't have a very good season and just like their male counter parts they ended up being relegated. But that is why this season is now so important. They have said themselves that this season is all about rebuilding and they have even been using the hashtag #newbeginning to promote this campaign in the FA National League Division 1 North, this hashtag has been the centre of the off seasons recruitment and marketing campaign. It has definitely done it's job as they have brought in a lot of new faces, just take a look at the image below to see the full squad list.

Copyright Bradford City Women's Football Club.

The team are already doing well, they won the first game of the season and only just lost out on their second game losing 1-0 to Chester Le Street, but either way you look at it they have already built on last season and they have already won more games, things can only get better from here.

It is definitely going to be an interesting season for me as the two teams I am wanting to watch locally are in the same league but I am really hoping that both do well.

I am really looking forward to heading to my first BCWFC match as they face Leeds on Wednesday night, let's hope for a great game and good support. Who am I going to be seeing there?

You can also follow the team on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or check out their website.

See you soon

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