Weight Loss #1

Towards the end of 2018, I really started to get down (more than before) about the look of my body and how I felt in general in regards to my weight. It was starting to get to the point I didn't want to go out as it meant getting dressed and feeling uncomfortable once again. I was also getting stressed with my knee pain and not seeming to be getting anywhere in solving my knee issue, alongside this I had just been referred to a specialist about some other health issues.

It was then something in my brain just snapped and I knew enough was enough, I needed to get healthier. My physio said I could get back in the gym so I signed up, got new gym gear and I can't wait to get going. I have also begun to bring my dinners to work with me instead of buying junk from Tesco daily. In addition to this I have started substituting meat out of a couple of meals a week and I am already feeling a difference. I also take water to work with me so my coffee intake has also been reduced. I am hoping by doing these steps along with working out that I can reach my target goal (will take a long time) and just generally be happier and healthier. Who knows it could also help me knee feel better.

This little series I am doing on the blog will track my weight loss, highlight my food choices of the week plus any workouts I have done along with aims for the following week.

So my Aims for the week ahead are:
No fast food / Takeaways - I know I am having Frankie and Benny's one day but I will be having a healthy option.
Go to the gym at least once
Do an ab workout at home at least twice

Start weight : 15st 13 3/4 lb

It is time to be come the best version of me. 

I am hoping overall through this journey I can at least lose 2 stone throughout the year and get more confident within my own skin. So keep checking back to see how I am progressing as this will be a weekly post on a Tuesday).

See you soon

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