Companies I am Loving Right Now

Whilst I have been out and about shopping I have noticed a huge trend, I am been drawn to the same stores and companies all the time. Whether it is a store that houses a lot of brands or not there are brands that I will specifically go to and by pass the rest. The theme is definitely obvious in my wardrobe and drawers too and you would be lucky to pick out an item not by any of these companies within this post. So here are the companies I am heading to these days...
Primark is absolutely killing it lately, especially their men's department. I could spend an absolute fortune lately especially on their t-shirts and hoodies. They are cheap and their clothes seem to actually last me a while, I am well stocked on their plain t-shirts too as these provide the perfect fit for me unlike other places where I could pay twice as much for a plain black t-shirt. Even their women's department is starting to looking more appealing to me. I went in the other day for a top for a party and I saw the perfect one for me straight away, which makes a huge difference. 

Not only is Primark good for getting myself stuff but I have also picked up a lot for the nephew from here and he is not even born yet. I could spend forever looking at their baby clothes and get him as much as I could, but unfortunately other family members all have the same ideas as me and his wardrobe is already full. The Primark home range is also getting stronger and I have got my eye on quite a few bits for the dressing room.

If I remember correctly in 2018 alone I picked up 4 of the t-shirts from here and I already have my eyes on a load more. I have found the quality of the material is absolutely fantastic and not only that they have survived plenty of washes and haven't even begun to lose shape yet, which is pretty rare for the clothing I have I normally buy cheap and have to buy twice. I really want to pick up one of their hoodies but as that is an incentive for me getting to a certain weight I am going to have to work for it. I also hope to fit into their jeans someday too. 

Nike is a brand I am always going to love. I grew up wearing it and will always continue to. Back in my rugby and football days I would have Nike boots, my favourite teams all had Nike jerseys (so I ended up with a lot of them) and I even had a total 90 tracksuit. These days their lifestyle wear is fantastic, I have 2 of their tech hoodies as they are such good quality and keep you so warm. I also have a lot of their t-shirts as some of their prints look fantastic along with fitting really well. Another thing with Nike is they are really helping in the growth of women's football, one of their AD campaigns at the moment involves Alex Morgan and she is mentioned alongside the likes of Harry Kane, which is something that doesn't happen too often. They also have some great looking women's football gear on their site which I may have to invest in soon.

A fairly new brand I have become hooked on, this is thanks to a certain US women's national team defender, if Kelley O'Hara didn't start working with them I think they would always have been under my radar. It started out with a pair of gloves that kept my hands nice and warm for a change, then it went to football boots (post coming soon on those). Then when we signed up for the gym I ended up drawn to the Under Armour range and that now makes up 80% of my gym clothing. Although a little on the pricey side they are really good quality and I can see them lasting me quite a while. In fact I have a lot more items I want to pick up of  theirs. 

So there you have it those are the companies I am loving at the moment, I can see a lot more items from these brands being added to my wardrobe this year.

See you soon,

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