Last Week #31

That dreaded cold decided to show back up last week and once again it absolutely wiped me out. So I had yet another delay in starting the gym and it is driving me mad because I actually want to go. 
I did pretty well with my food by taking in different lunches everyday and thanks to that I have somehow lost another 3lb it is such a good feeling seeing those scales go down. My physio appointment on Tuesday also went pretty well and now we are just onto the pain management stage at last. Other than that most nights were spent in bed. The weekend was actually quite chilled to with a little bit of shopping mixed in with cleaning (I have decided that is as clean as our wardrobe will ever be in the image above) and watching films all wrapped up on the sofa, we really have made it feel pretty cosy in there. Then there was the football on Saturday, sat in the freezing cold to watch our team got a goal down in 90 seconds, it finished 4-0 in the end and was definitely not worth getting so cold for. So here is what I had...

Been Watching: I finally finished Taylor Swifts Reputation Stadium Tour on Netflix and that was fantastic I really do need to go see Taylor one day. I also watched plenty of YouTube and finally got around to watching Blade Runner 2049 and what a fantastic film that was, not as good as the original but definitely still up there.

Been reading : I read a few blogs last week if that counts?

Been listening to : Once again it has been mainly Taylor Swift, although Liam seems to be going through a phase of listening to Busted again so that has been on a fair bit.

Bought : Surprisingly I bought nothing last week other than the food shop, mainly because all the shops seem to be out to get me. All I want is some new bedding and home decorations but nowhere has them, yet if I wasn't looking I bet they would be everywhere.

Plans for this week : I am definitely going to the gym at least 2 nights this week, because after seeing my weigh going down without working out who knows what will happen when I actually start. I also need to go out to find an outfit for my sisters birthday party next weekend and get her some presents. Liam is working Saturday too so I think that will be spent doing housework and maybe a little more blogging.

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So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

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