Oops I Should Be Saving

Me and Liam had Friday, Monday and Tuesday off work last week and to be honest I went a little mad with the shopping. We headed into Bradford on Friday, then on Tuesday we headed to the White Rose in Leeds before heading back to Bradford seen as I couldn't find any plain white trainers in my size anywhere. I really am meant to be saving money as we have loads to do in the house but here is what I treated myself too...

I was in desperate need of some new jeans as my old skinny jeans were starting to get baggy and just didn't fit right. So as soon as I found these slightly ripped ankle grazers in Primark I was praying they would fit. To my surprise they actually did. So of course me being me I decided to get a pair in every colour they had as I love them that much. One pair even scanned through at £5.00 so that was an even better bargain. They actually fit perfect and I am hoping to do a few outfit posts that incorporate these. I also picked up a pair of plain black skinny jeans to wear for work.

I saw someone on Twitter post an image of this hoodie from H&M and it instantly reminded me of Halsey and her Hopeless Fountain Kingdom album. So I was really glad to find this in the Bradford store. It was marked up at £19.99 but scanned through at just £9.00 so yet another bargain. It fits brilliantly and is super soft so you can't really go wrong with it. Whilst in there I also had my eye on quite a few other hoodies and printed tops they had to offer. 

After what feels like forever I finally have a copy of Hayley Kiyoko's album and I have to say I am already in love with it. I will be posting a review of this in the very near future so keep an eye out for that. Since buying this I have even gone back and watched Lemonade mouth again which Hayley stars in.
Whilst in H&M getting my hoodie I also picked up this checker board belt. I usually just wear a plain belt so I am hoping this will add a little extra to my outfit. Obviously I will stick to my plain belts for work but there were so many I could have bought.
If there was anything I really didn't need to buy it was more product for my hair but I have had my eye on this Johnny's Chop Shop volume mousse for awhile now so why not pick it up. I will post a review of this once I have tried it out for a while.
Finally my obsession with sharks is getting a bit out of hand. I have soft toys, a onesie, slippers and a lot of pairs of socks. But Liam treated me to these ones from Topman whilst he was buying some new ones. I have even seen a few other pairs I want but I will try refrain from getting them.

So there you have it. I would say I will try stop spending for a while but if you have read yesterdays post (if not you can read it here) you will see I want to update my wardrobe for the Spring season, so keep an eye out for more posts on what I get. 

See you soon,

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