Gigs I Really Want To Go To

I love going to Gigs, last year I went to Tegan and Sara, I actually met them too which was amazing (you can read about that here). I also went to see the Courtney's who were absolutely amazing and it was such an intimate gig as they aren't very well known here in the UK. This year I am already booked to go to see Nickelback in the next few weeks and Britney Spears in August which I really can't wait for. There are a lot of artists that I really want to go see in the future too, here are just a few of the main ones.

Demi Lovato
I fell in love with Demi back in 2008 when Camp Rock originally came out. I have listened to her ever since and currently have all the albums she has released. She is touring the UK later this year and I am really hoping to get a couple of tickets. If I don't get to this tour I will definitely be going next time.

Lauren Jauregui
I am obsessed with Fifth Harmony, I really wanted to go see them but obviously after the latest news of the hiatus this is going to have to wait until that hiatus is over. the only positive to this is that there is going to be solo music from the girls. Lauren is one I particularly can't wait for as I am in love with her voice. The couple of features she has done without the rest of the girls have had me hooked and I am already counting down to her solo tour and album.

Halsey is someone I have wrote about before on the blog. Both her albums are perfect and I can't get enough of them. I wanted to go to her last shows in the UK however I couldn't get the time off work. Now she has announced a tour with just one UK date down in London, so it looks like I am waiting once again.

 Hayley Kiyoko
Ah Hayley Kiyoko, finally her album has been released, I feel like I have waited forever. Hayley first caught my eye when she starred in Lemonade Mouth, which is one of my favourite Disney channel original movies. I am hoping that now the album has been released a tour of the UK is in the pipeline, because I know I will be trying to get tickets.

Camila Cabello
I love Camila as you will probably already know if you have read my blog before. She recently announced her UK tour however there was unfortunately no shows near to me and I couldn't make it to the Birmingham date. To make things worse we were originally going to get Taylor Swift tickets but backed out when we saw the price, just a few weeks later Camila was announced as a support act. I am hoping I won't have to wait too long until Camila comes back again. 

So there you have it those are the main artists I am hoping to go see. Who would you love to go see?
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See you soon,

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