Bedroom Makeover : Part 1

Other than the kitchen which was basically new when we moved in, we haven't actually got a fully completed room. However our bedroom is almost there, it is in a liveable condition with basically just a few little bits to do now. I think I am driving Liam mad as I am making list after list of jobs to be completed. So today I thought I would do a little post to show how things are progressing, this is part 1 and part 2 will be the room fully completed. Who knew actually choosing how you want rooms to look could actually be so difficult.

The carpet in the room is brand new and is actually the carpet which we are going to have throughout the house. I am totally in love with our wallpaper I love the books as me and Liam both love reading and it goes really well with the other grey walls. 

The bed is the same one I brought with me from my parents but we have decided we will definitely be getting a new one once everything else is done. The Pokemon bedding is just temporary as I refuse to put our new bedding on until the room is fully completed. The curtains and lights are also ones that were left by the previous owner so I can't wait to get our own put up too. 

It will also be great having my bedside table all nice and tidy without rubbish laying all over it and filling it due to us having nowhere else to store most things at the moment. I am on the look out for some nice matching lamps for us both too.

We got ourselves a big chest of drawers to store things that we didn't need to put in the wardrobe however poor Liam only actually has 2 drawers out of 6 due to the amount of clothes I actually own. I really need to have a clear out though especially with me starting to loose a little bit of weight. We have the cute little mirror from Asda already added because I was going mad without a mirror to do my hair in. Again though the top is just filled with rubbish and an old jewellery box which I need to change. The little picture my mum made us will also end up being moved downstairs as I really want it in the living room. 

The wardrobe is the big thing in the room that is driving me mad. I really don't like these doors so as soon as we get chance they are being replaced with ones that look much better. We also need to add some shelves in there for some other clothes. As it stands the top of it is just filled with things for other rooms so once it is emptied I think it may just become bag storage because I have far too many backpacks. 

It does seem like we have done quite a bit to this room but there is still quite a bit to do which includes: 
Caulking around the edges
Install radiator
Get some nice lamps
Get a light
Change the curtains
Change the wardrobe doors
Add some nice pictures to walls

I am hoping that this all gets done in the next few weeks, so make sure you check back for part 2 once the room is completed. If you can recommend somewhere for nice pictures and lamps please let me know in the comments or over on Twitter. 

See you soon

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