Watches, watches, watches

I think I have an issue. I am forever looking at watches and buying new. The ones in the above image are the nicest one but I counted last week I have 15. Who even needs 15 watches? The ones in the image are also they only ones I actually wear. 

The top one is an Infinite one which I got for Christmas from my grandparents. It has a lovely dial that isn't too big but is not too small. It is also my only watch which has leather straps. This watch is has slowly become my work watch.

The top gold watch and bottom silver are both metal straps. These were bought years ago on a 2 for £25.00 offer at New Look. I was actually still at school when I bought these so it will be around 6 years and they have definitely lasted the batteries are still running and there is no marks on either of the watches.

The final 2 on the outer edges of the image are both from Spain this years they are both rubber straps too. These are perfect for everyday wear and go with basically anything I wear. I love switching between these two and as they were on a 3 watches for 25 euros offer (the 3rd went to Liam), they really were a brilliant bargain. each one is running perfectly and I love the dials on each one.

Finally the rose gold watch is by far my favourite. This is my Michael Kors watch which my auntie and uncle bought me for my 21st. This is the watch I will wear if I am off to a party or a meeting. The watch on a whole is fantastic as it stands out and looks very smart.

There are so many more watches I am after to add to the collection, such as a wooden one and some more smarter watches. To me a watch is a statement piece and one that I certainly don't like leaving the house without. 

What is your favourite watch? Any recommendations on what I should get next?

See you soon

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