This Week #7

So this week has been pretty fun, finally pre-season for Bradford City begun. Unfortunately we didn't get a good result but it was a fun day with Liam, my mum and my dad. I have also managed to spend a few nights with family. Me and my dad have also managed to get a few gym sessions in, which I love as it gives us time together to bond.
So here is a few things I have....

Been watching : Once again I have only been watching Total Divas in the few spare hours I have had.

Been reading : I have read a few blogs this week including the blogs by Davey GrangerGianni Casagrande and Sam Squire.

Been playing : Crash Bandicoot and Fifa were what I played for most of the beginning of the week but then I downloaded WWE Supercard and everything got pushed to one side.

Been listening to : Apart from listening to Heart radio at work, the only other thing I have listened to is my gym playlist, which consists of Tegan and Sara, WWE theme music and Bon Jovi.

Bought : I have actually been really good this week. I have only bought 3 pairs of Topman earrings costing a total of £2.00. This is mainly due to me wanting to save, but I will save that for a post very soon.

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you later,


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