July Favourites

July has been a pretty uneventful month and to be honest I have quite enjoyed it. Weekends have been spent working on the blog and spending time with Liam. The Euro's have well and truly kicked off for the Lionesses and there has been few Bradford City Friendlies thrown in along the way. So here are a few things I have been loving this month.

I have been loving trying out new skincare products this month. Especially this Witch Overnight Serum, I have had quite a few breakouts this month so I have been trying my very best to keep on top of a little routine on both a morning and an evening. The serum has actually been a great help, although I have forgot about it a few times throughout the month.

I have also been loving my morning skincare routine which you can find here. It has been so good to actually get into a routine on a morning which is going to benefit my skin greatly. 

I have also dyed my hair this month and gone for a cosmic blue. I love this colour as my hair was already a dark brown this has now gone a blue/ black colour. The blue is very subtle however once in the light it really begins to stand out.  

I have loved wearing my Marks and Spenser Chinos this month. I have these in both grey and dusted pink. They are a great alternative to my extra tight skinny jeans and are perfect for sitting at a desk all day. 

I am also loving my Harrington style jacket I got a while back. I used to love wearing this but it is now only just beginning to fit me again. I am so glad I have started wearing it again because to be honest I missed it.

Cars 3 came out this month, I haven't been to see it yet but I have been watching Cars and Cars 2 and even playing the Cars 3 Xbox game. I honestly forgot how much I loved Cars and can't wait to see the 3rd. Another plus side to 3 coming out is that there is some much merchandise available for it again.

Finally I am using my I pod touch again. Mainly because I lent my shuffle to my mum months ago and still haven't got it back. I use this to hook up to my Bluetooth in the car or when I am in the gym. I don't know what is the best, the amount of songs I forgot this could hold and how easy it is to use in the gym or the fact when it finally charged up it was full of old forgotten music and photos.

The football season is slowly re approaching, I have been to 3 friendlies this month and to be honest the squad looks promising. I can't wait for the season to begin now on the 5th of August, we have also picked up our season tickets and I have 2 new shirts (1 I have to wait until September for). Not only is the football season nearly arriving, the women's Euro's are in full swing England are currently through to the Semi-finals. I couldn't be happier for England and especially Jodie Taylor who is currently the tournaments top scorer, it is so great to see women's football on the TV and an English side doing so well.

What have you been loving this month? Let me know. 

See you soon,


  1. Fab post. I kind of wish I dare dye my hair fab colours...a dark red when I was a teenager is the wildest Ive gone. :-)

    1. I have had black red and blue now. Liam keeps suggesting different ones too.