Quick June Favourites

June was a great month for me. I finally got to meet the Courtney's who I have loved for ages. All 3 girls are amazing to chat to. I also discovered Nervous Twitch when they supported the Courtney's, I wasn't too sure about them at first but once the set got going I loved it. The gig was great overall in such a small intimate venue with not a lot of people there.

with the football season been over most of my time has been spent watching the wrestling. This is at both local live events and on the WWE network, I loved the Grapple Wrestling event so much and can't wait for the next. Also in June I begun watching Total Bella's and completed it in a week. Unfortunately the one big event I was looking forward to, Money in the Bank really didn't live up to its expectations.

In the last few days of June I begun reliving my childhood through the Crash Bandicoot release. I am absolutely loving sitting and playing this as it brings back so many memories.

A few other favourites are:

L'Oreal men expert face wash
Vo5 cosmic blue hair dye
Build a bear Pokemon collection
Fish Spray in wax

What was you loving in June? Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon,

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