Vo5 texture rework putty

 To be completely honest with you I had never tried a putty until recently. I got this miniature for when I went to Paris back in August. I have since repurchased a big tub for this due to the hold it gave me.  Vo5 is a brand I have always given a try and to be honest I love the products.

Even in the heat of Paris when my hair normal frizzes my hair didn't shift.  I honestly thought the putty would be sticky and visible in my hair however it didn't at all it blended right in whilst giving an amazing hold. Another thing that has to happen in a good hair product for me, is that it has to wash out easily in which this really does.  Another thing about this product is that it is also cheap and can often be found on the 2 for £5 deal.

Below is how the product styled my hair and even when I got back from a day in the Disney park it looked no different.


So there you have it that is one of my favourite products at the moment, what hair products do you recommend as I am always on the look out for new brands to try?


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