Autumn Accessories Essentials

Autumn is well and truly upon us which means packing up the summer clothes and cracking out the warmer ones. Every time the temperature drops I find myself reaching for specific items. Here are just a few of my essentials.

Warm Hat
In summer I always have my trusty snap back with me however as the temperature drops I swap this for my warmer hats. I currently choose from the Zelda hat above, my Tegan and Sara one or my mustard coloured one.

I live in football scarves at the weekend however when I don't have a game to watch I will wear my grey knit one from Gametee. Which will be featured in a post soon.

Sometime it is ok to go out in just a hoody in autumn however when that chill does hit I love layering up. This usually involves my t-shirt and a shirt or hoody. I will then top this off with a jacket such as my new long line black jacket from Topman (images over on insta soon).

It is Autumn when the trusty converse are brought out. To me this is essential yearly however this year I am going to try wear my Timberland style boots more and my Nike Hi-tops.

So there you have it those are my Autumn essentials. What are yours? Let me know in the comments below.


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