Manchester City Women

Recently I have realised just how easy it is for me to go to Manchester and how cheap it is. This has been discovered due to the fact I am finally getting to go see Man City Women.  It has been a long time coming but in September I decided it was time for me to go watch and surprise surprise I am hooked.

Me and the other half have recently seen them win the league and win the Continental cup final.
At only £6 for a league game ticket and a return on the train only costing £8 a return its the ideal day out. You don't spend much but you get to watch a good quality game of football. Women's football is on the rise in the UK and the popularity is forever increasing, I am even hoping that next season I can get a season ticket to see these along side my Bradford City season ticket.

Below are a few images I got after they had confirmed their place of winning the league.

I can't wait to go back on the 30th of October for the final home game. Have you ever been to a women's football match? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. I always forget about womens football, but man that is super cheap too. A great deal too because I'm sure a lot of womens games are better than the mens haha. Not as much drama and falling over crying because they've scraped their knee ;)
    Sounds like a great day out for you!


  2. But it's Man City lol - at that price it's well worth a day out. My uncle designed their boilers and installed all of their under-soil heating at the ground and Ethihad campus just before he retired. S