Time To Stop Spending

I have noticed lately I am buying things for the sake of buying them, I really don't need any more clothes and in the run up to Christmas there is already that risk of buying something that someone else is going to get you (I have already done this sorry Liam). The house is also getting cluttered with things I honestly think I have out grown or have horded for some reason, in fact our spare room at the moment is just absolutely full of things we have yet to find homes for. 

With Christmas coming up I also want to stop spending on myself so I can actually get some presents for family, the majority of my money this year has gone on the house but we are at a stage now where we can slow down a little, we only have the spare room to do then we will be saving to do the garden, bathroom and hallway. These are all the bigger jobs that are going to cost us quite a bit but other than that it will just be a few finishing touches to other rooms when the spare room is complete. This means I really do need to put money to one side for these big jobs and that will only happen if I stop spending what I have. 

At the moment it drives me mad sitting around in the house as it is just a mess with items needing unpacking and boxes that need throwing away. But now things are coming together and the majority of works should be done after this weekend I will finally be at a stage where I can sit and relax without looking at rubbish or stuff that still needs doing. I don't need to go out after work every night and I really don't need to spend weekends dragging Liam around shopping. 

We should have time just to relax, enjoy our home and just relax together whether that is having gaming days together o having film nights. It is about time we just chilled out maybe had a date night every now and again where we cook together or for each other and actually sit together not at our desks. 

I can't wait to spend more time in the house and actually start building up some savings as well as having a happier Liam as he hasn't been dragged out after a hard weeks work. We could easily spend weekends just going to the football and then spending the rest of it inside, training for football or going on walks for a change. It means I can also spend more time on the blog and hopefully improve my content.

Fingers crossed I can actually stick to this and only buy things that are needed to decorate the spare room or Christmas presents for others.

See you soon,

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