Sorting Out The Kitchen

I recently fell into a spiral of just watching cleaning and decluttering videos over and over on YouTube once again. It has made me a little more motivated to actually get our house in shape and decluttered, we only moved in back in March but over that time we have accumulated a lot of items. Items just got dumped when we first moved in (the top of the wardrobe is frightening) but now with things coming together I want to head to each of the rooms and get things cleared out and looking more organised. We are currently on with the games room which will hopefully be done at the weekend. One of the places that won't take that long for us to do is the kitchen, when we moved in we just threw items in random cupboards and under the sink. All this room needs is some simple organisation and here is what I am hoping will help. 

Instead of bulky boxes and packaging taking up cupboard space I want to put products into their own jars. We currently have a couple for a few of our cereals and snacks, but eventually I want all our snacks and cereals to be neatly organised into these so you aren't having to rummage through boxes, also with this you can see just how much of item you have left. These should also be perfect for our different variations of pasta as we do have a lot of these. 
 For the cupboards I am also helping to get a box to store our different varieties of tea and some storage baskets for the items that won't go into jars such as our snack bars and porridge packets.

We also have quite a few different spices in the cupboards which can get pushed to the backs or are totally different shapes and sizes of packages. I love these spice jars so everything can look the same, just add some nice looking labels and put them somewhere accessible, I think it will look great. 

Most of the drawers are overflowing already too, we have the junk draw full of letters and other stuff we really don't need to keep so it will be great to sort through this, along with the Tupperware drawer which is overflowing with products that could be thrown out. All we really need in there are our lunch boxes, a few water bottles, shaker bottles and the ones for our blend active. We also have far too many glasses and mugs which could be easily reduced, a drawer which holds a toaster which could easily be used for other things. 

The drawers have definitely become a nightmare to try get through but honestly I think with just a few hours work they could be some much easier to look through.

One of the areas that drives me mad the most is the sink and under the sink. Dishcloths just get thrown on the side, which just looks untidy,  the window sill also just gets covered in items which could easily be sorted out. A simple sink tidy on the side where we could keep everything in one place would be brilliant, no more dumping things as everything would have its place. 

Under the sink is worse, you can spend 10 minutes searching for the bin bags or the cleaning product you actually need. Space is actually limited under here so we have tried cramming in as much as we can, we have a meter under here too which really does us no favours. I want to get some little storage baskets under hear to organise products. I can also move some products to our cupboard which has the boiler in once we clear that out too as it is a mess seen as we haven't touched it since we moved in. 

So there you have it that is what I am wanting to do with the kitchen, it shouldn't be too expensive and it really shouldn't take long at all. Then I may be happier to spend more time in there cooking as I won't have to spend 90% of that time rummaging around. I think once it is done I may do a little kitchen tour over on here. Keep an eye out for these posts as I am going room to room getting things more organised, plus I will be doing a spare room post before we start doing the work on it.

See you soon

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