Last Week #25

I finally managed to get to an England match, granted it wasn't the result I hoped for but at least I got to see them for a change and even got to see Steph Houghton get her 100th cap. Not only that but things have started to progress in the house to meaning we are that bit closer to starting on the dressing room (basically just the spare room). Other than a busy weekend of football and getting stuff done in the games room (a post on that to come soon) the rest of the week was pretty relaxed. So here is what I had...

Been Watching: Once again I watched a fair bit of the football, I also managed to watch a bit of Making a Murderer too. Other than that it was all YouTube especially decluttering videos.

Been reading : I have spent more time reading my twitter feed than anything else. I have just spent most time on YouTube.

Been listening to : The only thing I have listened to this week has been Tegan and Sara, I have really gotten back into listening to them.

Bought : I was lucky enough for Liam to get me a new monitor for my PC, other than that I bought some presents for people, a few Christmas decorations and also some posters for the games room. I also picked up a few bits from the England game which you will see in a post soon.

Plans for this week : Tomorrow I am heading to Leeds to do some Christmas shopping but other than that this week is going to be working on the blog, finishing off the games room and just relaxing. I may even clear out the little room ready to start decorating it. Alongside all this I really need to start thinking about decluttering the house as certain parts are a mess.

Last weeks posts : Sneaker Freak x Umbro

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

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