Quotes That Keep Me Going

I am trying my best to get myself back in to the mind set of loosing weight and actually getting in shape. One thing that put a stop to any possible working out lately was the physio advising me against anything more than the exercises I had been given. They told me to stop pushing myself too much and advised me to take it steady unlike others who were giving me too much to do. I am hoping though I get the all clear on Wednesday to build some little home workouts back into my routine. 

It has been an uphill battle for me lately as I hate my body and my weight but due to pain I am struggling at the moment to shift it and then when I am sat around all I do is eat as it gives me something to do. But if I want to get better and fitter I am going to have to change this and get myself into a positive mind set once again. I want to prove people wrong and prove to them it isn't too late I can get back on track and hopefully find a football team to play with again.

To get that mindset back here are a few of the quotes I seem to end up looking at to give me some motivation...

This one from Meghan Klingenberg is one that I really do seem to keep gravitating to, if I don't believe I can how do I expect myself to get any better?

This is one of my favourites a lot of people think my days of playing football are long gone, they don't think I will lose weight either. When I think about this I just think how good it will be to see the looks on those people's faces who doubted me.

This is one is one that especially speaks to me in terms of working out. I used to go on the treadmill do 15 minutes and start to be tired, this was due to just how unfit I had got. But then I realised I was just tired it didn't mean I couldn't do more  I could keep going until I physically couldn't it was just in my head. So I gradually built it up and I could eventually do 45 whole minutes. I want to get to this stage again, I want to make sure I aren't giving up too early when I know I can do a lot better. That is the only way I improve and am going to get better.

Another one to keep me motivated to get better and prove them wrong. Reminding me to keep going and keep up the fight.

I don't want to just give up doing what I love I want my knee to heal and I want to be more active once again, so I am going to get back into the mindset of eating better, living better I won't give in and I will work as hard as I can. I will get to my goal weight and overcome any set backs. Nothing is going to hold me back any more. If my mind ever wanders or struggles I will keep looking at these quotes to keep me going.

See you soon,

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