Football / Training Haul

I finally decided to invest in some kit and gear for going to a local field to work on my football and fitness. Then I got told at physio not to start, so it is all still sat in the drawers waiting to be used. I decided I want to get out as much as possible so here is what I got I know that most of these items are going to last a while plus I have managed to get Liam on board with the plans....

Nike shorts have always been my go to. Although I really do want some Under Armour ones, these are a really thin lightweight material that is perfect for running around and kicking the ball as they don't restrict you. Nike have a great range of gear out at the moment so I am going to keep an eye out on anything else I could pick up.

Although Nike are killing it on this particular day I couldn't find any t-shirts so I picked up this Sondico one, although it is a cheap one this brand is actually really good and in the past these t-shirts have lasted me a long time. I also picked up some of their socks just to get me started. I know that I will probably end up wearing Nike or Under Armour ones in the future.

We also picked up an agility ladder and some cones to help me improve my speed, fitness and skill. The good thing about these items is that I can use them on my own when Liam doesn't fancy practising with me and they are easily portable.

Now for the best part... the new boots. Back when I was younger and playing one of my favourite things to do was go pick out new boots when needed and to be honest even now I still love looking at them. There are just so many good ones on the market these day (and in the past but more on that another day), I have never really swayed away from Nike boots, I have had the occasional Adidas pair but this time I have opted for these green Under Armour ones. I love the Under Armour brand and seeing the ones they do for the likes of Rachel Daly and Kelley O'Hara I had to give them a try myself. Plus I absolutely love bright boots. 

Liam on the other hand opted for a classic pair of Puma's, they really do have a classic look to them and look really smart but I think I will stick to my nice bright ones.

So there you have it those are the items I picked up to get me started. Keep an eye on here for more football and health & fitness posts.

See you soon

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