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 I love a good backpack, in fact I would much rather use a backpack than a handbag because not only does it suit my style better but I just find it a lot more convenient. My backpacks are usually character ones such as Star Wars or Sooty, or simply just plain black. I was lucky enough recently to receive this backpack from the people over at Haze. 

This one is called Golden Wave and retails at £49.99. Granted this is a bit pricey for a backpack but it is a really well built one and I can see it lasting me a long time. Usually I wouldn't go for something as bold as this but the detail is really amazing and it is just such an eye catching piece. It definitely makes a statement. 

The front of the bag not only has all the golden details but it also has the details in the black parts meaning there is detail everywhere to catch your eye. The bag is also vegan friendly so is suitable for everyone. I have even used the bag in the rain and can say that it is pretty water tight as nothing inside got wet, one thing that every bag needs to be due to where I live.

When I first looked at the bag I have to admit I was a little worried as the straps didn't seem very padded so I thought they may rub my shoulders a little and feel uncomfortable but I can assure you I haven't had a single issue with these and they are actually pretty comfy, I have also finally found a good quality bag where the straps don't constantly fall down.

 The detail doesn't stop on the outside either as there is plenty of little details on the inside, nothing is just plain and basic, there is a pocket for a laptop, a little zip compartment and 2 card sized holders. The bag has plenty of space for all the essentials, in fact in this image I had all the things I needed to take images for 2 blog posts and it all fit with room to spare. 

I just absolutely love the attention to detail on this backpack and I have actually seen a lot more items on the Haze website which I may have to treat myself to in the future. But for now I can see this bag getting a lot of use for a very long time. I have already had quite a lot of compliments on it.

You can check Haze out for yourself over on their website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

I am currently working on an updated whats in my bag post for the autumn/winter so keep an eye out for that very soon. It is just so nice having a product which steps out of my comfort zone that I absolutely love.

See you soon,

*Items in this post were sent for the purpose of a review - all words and opinions are my own.

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