Week #17

I had Monday off work this week which was great, me and Liam did a little bit of shopping but other than that we just relaxed.  We have also had some good news on the house front this week as things seem to be moving along pretty quickly now. This also meant I dragged Liam to B&Q to take a look at wallpaper and pick up a few samples, I can't wait until we get in the house and start getting it to look how we want. So here is what else I have been doing this week...

Been watching : Other than watching Camila Cabello and Fifth Harmony on YouTube I have been watching the Simpsons. I have to say I have watched a lot of episodes of this but it just doesn't get old in my opinion.

Been reading : I have managed to read a little more of Alex Morgan's book but to be honest I have spent most of the week just catching up on reading blogs.

Been listening to : Camilla Cabello, Fifth Harmony and songs featuring Lauren Jauregui are all that I have been listening to. It started off as just listening to Camilla then I fell into the YouTube spiral of just clicking on video after video.

Bought : I have treated myself to all the Fifth Harmony albums (one is still to arrive). I even treated myself to Marian Hill's album after I have been listening to YouTube recently. I have even got a can of the new Lynx unity to try out. Liam has treated me to a notebook so I can finally start doing my own bullet journal.

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

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