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I was lucky enough recently to do an email interview with the amazing Carly, Shannon and Alanna from SoccerGrlProbs. I can't remember exactly when I started watching the girl but I am so glad I did, I now watch all the videos they upload and even keep going back to watch old ones. Each video is definitely something a female playing soccer (football for all us UK people) can relate to. They have even collaborated with the USWNT in the past.
Some of my favourite videos are Injured player stereotypes, what's in my soccer bag and what soccer girls really think. So here is what the girls had to say...


So tell us a little bit about yourselves...
We are all from Long Island, NY. We went to Fairfield University (where we all met).

How did you come up with the idea of soccergrlprobs? 
It all started in college when we (Carly Beyar, Shannon Fay and Alanna Locast) became teammates on the Fairfield University Division 1 Women’s Soccer team. We all grew up in Long Island, NY, but never crossed paths until college. We joke that there must have been something in the water because for some reason the three of us were the only ones from LI and came up with this. We were in preseason and were in between sessions exhausted and delirious and our team started saying funny things and ending it with #soccergirlprobs. We decided to create a twitter to continue to share these humorous thoughts. 

Have any of you had to overcome any major injuries?
Carly and Shannon both tore their ACL's playing soccer and Alanna herniated her L4 and L5. We all agree staying positive and working hard to recover is the best way to get through it! 


If you could only wear one brand of boots (cleats) which would it be? 
Nike! We are Nike ambassadors and they are the only boots we will wear:)

Do you have any good pregame meal ideas?
pb and j was a ritual in college. A granola bar, nuts, etc. 

What would be in your typical training session before a game?
As a warm up? Dynamic stretching, getting touches on the wall, some finishing work (since we are all forwards) and a GREAT warm up mix is super important. 


Who are your current / past favourite female and male soccer players?
Abby Wambach (Shannon), Carli Lloyd (Carly) and Ali Krieger (Alanna)

What made you choose the positions you play / played in?
We all played forward in college! Carly started as a centre back in the beginning of college but was moved up to a forward! 

Can we expect to see you over in the UK anytime soon (it would be great to meet you all)
Hopefully at some point we can!! We would love to come to the UK again we love it there:)

Finally do you have any advise for those either wanting to play the game or get back into it?

Play to have fun, remember why you play the beautiful game. don't take things to seriously enjoy every second you can on the field! 

I would honestly recommend anyone who is into the beautiful game to go check these girls out over on YouTube and subscribe to their channel. I am even hoping to buy some items from their store in the near future as they have some brilliant items available, so maybe soon you will see a haul from there. I honestly do hope the girls come over to the UK as it would be great to get the chance to meet them.

If you want to know more about the girls you can check out their website ,YouTube,Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

 I hope you all liked this post. Do you want to see me do more interviews in the future? Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon,


** All photo credit : Soccergrlprobs **

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