February Favourites 2018

I have loved a few new things through February. I haven't really bought many new things but those that I have bought I have really enjoyed. But without buying a whole lot of new stuff, I have fallen back in love with some old favourites. So here are a few of my favourite things from this month...

The Fudge Urban messy stuff blow dry creme is something I have had for quite a while but haven't really used. Since getting my hair cut earlier this month I have been using it every time I blow dry my hair. It doesn't leave a tacky texture but does help add more volume and a messy texture, which helps me create my perfect hairstyle. This is brilliant as I am trying to do different looks with my hair instead of just sticking to the same old style.

Lynx Unity is a new release that I couldn't wait to get my hands on. If you have read the blog before you will know I love Lynx products, you can read my review of the Lynx You here. Unity could very easily become my favourite deodorant, but I won't go into it too much here as I am planning on doing a review very soon.

After listening to Camila Cabello (you can find my album review here) quite a bit through both January and February I somehow found myself listening to a lot of Fifth Harmony, and by a lot I mean far too much. I ended up buying all of the Fifth Harmony albums and seem to constantly have them on repeat. I will have some reviews of these up on the blog very soon so keep your eyes out for that, but honestly I can't get enough of them.

My gaming laptop has been a saviour for me in this cold weather. I love how I can just get wrapped up in bed and play some of my favourite games. I have got back into playing a bit of Minecraft on this and have also played the likes of Overwatch and the Sims. I am on this everyday without fail and also do all my blogging off of it now, which is great as everything is in one place at last.


I only have one fashion favourite this month. I got these Nike trainers just before Christmas but due to the weather I didn't want to wear them and get them ruined. After having a few dry days in February I have finally managed to wear them. Usually it takes me a few wears to break in a pair of trainers but these were unbelievably comfy straight away. The colours also work great together and go well with the majority of my clothing. The only issue with these will be when they get dirty as I hate getting any dirt on my shoes.

So there you have it those are a few of my favourite things from February what are yours?

See you soon


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