October Favourites

October favourites

October was a fun month, we went to see a local wrestling show once again and there were plenty of Women's football matches to tune into. I got plenty of new football items and I have noticed weight slowly dropping off me. So here are a few of my favourites....

I have reviewed the L'oreal mens expert tattoo reviver previously so you can check out that review here. The moisturiser has found its way back into my favourites due to the change in the weather lately and my skin needing that little bit more TLC. The Lynx you which I have also previously reviewed is also in my favourites this month. I just can't get enough of it, the smell is gorgeous the cans don't stick around for long on average a can will last me a few weeks. The T-Zone black cleansing wipes have also been a favourite addition into my skincare routine. I didn't hold out much hope for these however I will be repurchasing them again as my skin does seem to be easing up after using these.

I haven't had many fashion favourites this month however my Michael Kors watch has become a daily accessory piece adding a smarter element to my daily clothing. My grey converse have also been worn daily throughout the month as they literally go with anything.

I have loved planning things out in October and becoming a lot more organised, it is helping in so many aspects meaning blog planning is a lot easier and I am hoping to get more posts up from now on. Another favourite has been whisky, I never used to drink it but in October it is what I drunk the most of, my grandad is happy about this too as it means he has someone to talk about whisky to for a change. My final lifestyle favourite of the month has definitely been women's football, the NWSL finished and Portland Thorns won the playoffs which I was happy about as they are my 2nd team. Also Man City women are doing really well in the league so that has been an added bonus.

What was you loving in October? Let me know in the comments below.

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