Fashion Inspo : Ali Krieger

Ali Krieger is a defender for the USWNT and Orlando pride. Last season she played every minute of Orlando's season and was solid in the defence leading the Pride to the playoffs. Know as the warrior Ali is not only a great defender but she also has great fashion sense. She can rock a dress and heels whilst on the red carpet but her casual style is what I really love.  So here are some of the casual outfits Ali wears that I love and will be looking to incorporate into my own wardrobe at times....

I really need to treat myself to a nice denim jacket. At the moment I only have one with jersey sleeves however I really want a full denim one. Team this up with a printed t-shirt (a bit like the one Ali has on in the image) and some leggings /skinny jeans and hi-tops you have the perfect outfit.

I also love the whole dark skinny jeans and light denim shirt look. Ali pulls this off so well whilst wearing the shirt undone with a nice printed top underneath. This could be accessorised with a beanie in colder weather or snap back in warmer weather and some nice sunglasses. Add in a good pair of trainers or vans and you have my perfect outfit. If anyone sees a nice denim shirt whilst out and about in the UK please let me know I can't seem to find one.

Another outfit I love that Ali pulls off really well is the simple plain t-shirt, skinny jeans and trainers look. I can't wait to get to a size where clothes fit me correctly. At the moment all my t-shirts are either too big or far too tight, there just doesn't seem to be an in between. It is the same with my jeans too, I just want some clothes that finally fit me right. Luckily the items I have been buying lately are actually fitting but as I am continuing to loose weight, they don't seem to last long. The good thing is my trainer collection is slowly growing again.

Now this image is more gym fashion. I can't wait to be comfortable wearing a vest top in the gym and some gym leggings. Nike do some really nice items in their latest ranges and Ali always looks great in what she wears. I want to get to the stage where I aren't just wearing mix match football kits whilst working out, I want to wear vest tops / nice fitting tops and shorts that fit nice or workout pants. It would be great to have an outfit that matched because surely if you feel confident in what you wear then the workout will greater and more beneficial. 

What is your favourite look from the post? Let me know in the comments.

See you soon

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