September Favourites

september 2017 favourites

September was a fun month filled with football and wrestling. I even celebrated my 23rd birthday in September, which I was well and truly spoilt for you can see the post here. It was also a month filled with discovering new items and rediscovering old favourites. 

Beauty wise I finally got back into wearing a bit of make-up. I don't use loads but I am loving my Makeup Revolution concealer palette. My skin has been terrible but it has worked wonders in covering up the breakouts. I have also loved the Vanishing cream moisturiser from Lush, Liam got me this for my birthday and I am already noticing some improvements in my skin.

Possibly my only fashion favourite in September was the rediscovery of my grey converse. I forgot how comfy these were and how well they go with my skinny ripped jeans. 

I have loved reading throughout the month and what can be better than when you are reading about your favourite football players and teams. I have also loved the fact that it begun to get cold enough to have the candles lit, which just made getting cosy and reading even more enjoyable.
My final lifestyle favourite was the change I made, I go to the gym more and even take packed lunches to work, from this I have noticed my leg is getting better and I aren't gaining weight like before.

My overall favourite thing in September was definitely spending quality time with Liam whether it was a day in playing games and watching films, or going to the football and treating each other. It was perfect.

What were your favourite things in September? Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon,

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