Fashion Inspo : Tobin Heath

Tobin Heath is a footballer who plays for the Portland Thorns and USWNT. Also known as the Queen of nutmegs Tobin is a super skilled player who I look up to in the game, not only is she a brilliant player but she also has a great fashion sense. 
I love the casual and dressed up styles that Tobin opts for and here are a few of my favourites.

Big glasses, printed t-shirt and denim jacket, this look is perfect to a casual night out or even just for shopping. I love layering printed t-shirts and denim jackets and all my glasses are bigger frames. This has become a go to look for me especially on weekends when I am heading for a full day shopping.

I love leather jackets with longer plain t-shirts underneath and skinny jeans. However I am yet to find a good quality leather jacket for myself. I love the plain long t-shirt under the jacket as it breaks up the black from the leather and the black from the jeans. Again the way Tobin has this outfit it really could be used for days you fancy looking a bit smarter or for events such as concerts.

The final outfit for this post is one that I really love and can't wait to recreate myself. The bold black hoody and jeans finished with a snap back used to be one of my go to looks but then I cut off my hair and stopped wearing the hats as family said it looked to manly. The hoody and jeans combo hasn't happened for a while either as I have gained weight and I could never get a good looking and quality hoody to fit me correctly and jeans either fit on the waist and not the legs or the other way around. Now that I have begun to loose some weight things are starting to look better and my confidence is growing. I can't wait to recreate this look again in the near future. I just love how laid back and casual this whole outfit looks.

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Who is your fashion inspo? Let me know.

See you soon

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