Boots Christmas Wishlist

Boots is always one of these places I head to have a look for ideas for Christmas presents. As soon as the Christmas catalogue comes out my family hand me it and tell me to pick out what I want. each year the choices get better and better. So here is what I am after this year....

Jack Wills Gym Kit -£30.00

I am heading to the gym more and more lately so this would be ideal. The bag looks great and simple and it includes a body wash, body spray, water bottle and earphones. This is perfect for all those trips to the gym as it has all those essentials.

Jack Wills Winter Warmer Gift Set - £14.00

I love the Jack Wills range in the women's this year. This set contains 3 of my favourite things, great socks, a mug and hot chocolate so how could I possibly not want this. 

Jack Wills Backpack - £50.00

I love the look of this backpack as it is plain and simple and will go with anything. Also it is no secret I prefer men's toiletries so this is perfect. This set contains the backpack, 2 x body washes, 2 x body sprays and a bar of soap.

Jack Wills Stationary Set - £14.00

I am hooked on stationary and don't possibly need anymore however I love this simple little set.

Johnny's Chop Shop Master Barber Edit - £18.00

If you take a look at my hair styling essentials post here, 2 of these items are on my essentials list so this is perfect for me. The clay is also an added bonus as I have used this before and loved it.

Lynx You Set - £5.60

Another set of products I can't get enough of are the Lynx You products. These are some items I will purchase over and over so at this price you really can't go wrong.

Have you seen any great items in the Boots Christmas range? Let me know.

See you soon 


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