What Is In My Wash-Bag

Since we got our bathroom redecorated there has been a new rule in the house. Instead of having bottles of shower gel / shampoo dotted all around the new bathroom we all now have our own wash bags to keep with us. Not only has it helped keep the bathroom it has stopped so many arguments. Before I found my dad stole my shampoo (not bad to say he is bald), and my sisters boyfriend & my dad stole my shower gel. Now they just can't get near it. It means my toiletries last me longer than previous and I really do get my money worth from products.

My wash bag is this Powerpuff girls one from Primark. As soon as my mum saw it she shouted out I had to get that and no other wash-bag would do. I was obsessed with this show growing up so it was a must. It is also quite a large size without being too big meaning I can fit everything in it but it still fits in a small spot in my toiletries cupboard.

I tend to only keep the essentials in here as I do most of my skincare routine in my room i.e the cleansing, tone and moisturising. So here is what I keep in there at the moment....

Original Source Lemon & Tea tree. 
I went through a phase of only using the mint original source however since trying this one I am hooked. I have so many other shower gels to get through although this is one I will be getting again.

Born Lucky Shampoo
I am hooked on the Johnny's chop shop products. I love the hairspray, dry shampoo and clay too, I am hoping that one day I can go down and get my hair cut at their barbers in London. The shampoo is a shampoo with a hint of conditioner, which I aren't really keen on but it does get the job done.

L'oreal Men Expert Face Wash
This face wash is working wonders for me. Its making my face a lot smoother and is also helping sort out some recent breakouts I have had lately. It is a product I can see staying in my wash bag for a while.

Zoella scrub
I have finally used this up after what feels like forever. It was a little harsh on my skin and I haven't really seen many benefits to this but maybe if I had used it continuously for a while I would have done.

Pure Clay Mask
I was never into face masks until I got this one. I use this once / twice a week and I love it. I think this has also helped my skin out a fair bit so I can't wait to try out more from the range. 

Oral B White Toothpaste
I got this as I wanted to try help whiten my teeth. I haven't seen a massive improvement yet but I am mainly trying to use this up so I can justify buying some charcoal toothpaste.

Can you recommend anything to add to my bag? What do you keep in yours? Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon,

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