Autumn / Winter Wishlist

It has come to that time once again, we have had a little bit of sunshine and now things are beginning to turn again. This has got me thinking about the autumn and winter  and how I want to update my wardrobe in preparation for this. As it stands my wardrobe is made up of printed t-shirts I no longer wear, football shirts and basic plain t-shirts. The only coats I own are football ones and my jackets are blazers. I am hoping that I can get this updated and add a little bit more of a variety into what I wear and even get myself looking a bit smarter. So here is what I am after.


A new coat is my number one priority as I can't go out wearing my football coat 24/7. With me wanting to smarten myself up I am looking for a longish coat in black, but for years after seeing a Tegan and Sara photo-shoot I have wanted a coat with a nice big collar that you can wear up or down. These types are also perfect as they don't seem to be too feminine or too masculine. It is the perfect mixture to keep every one happy. 

Scarves and Gloves
I am also hoping to get some good quality scarves this year. My current ones are all football ones, so to smarten myself up a little I am wanting some knit scarves or checked ones. I suffer from Raynauds so it is essential that I keep my hands warm in the colder weather so I am aiming to get some nice thick good quality gloves. Gloves are something I always forget about or don't pay enough attention too.

Jeans are another thing I want to treat myself to, I am currently in between sizes due to loosing weight and I can't wait to be at a size where I can finally get a pair of jeans that are the perfect fit. I am constantly on the look out for skinny black jeans that aren't baggy in certain areas and skin tight in others. 

Good shoes are essential for me. I currently live in my leather vans, however I am hoping to branch into some military style boots and Chelsea boots. I have struggled in recent years to find the perfect pair of these so finger crossed for this year. Hopefully I will also get myself a black and white pair of Vans too.

The only jumpers I own at the moment are a call of duty one and a Star wars one. These are too getting too big on me too so I am hopeful that I can finally get a nice fitting jumper like some of those at Jack Wills this year. There are also a few other places I am hoping to look at to see if I can find that perfect jumper.

Shirts are an absolute must for me regardless of the season. I wear them all year round. Most are buttoned up but sometimes I have them open with a plain or printed t-shirt underneath. I am wanting to invest in some good quality shirts to have buttoned up with my blazer / new coat over the top. But I am also wanting some nice checked shirts to wear open with a t-shirt underneath, for those days that are a little cooler.

The best part of all these items is that they perfectly fit with my tomboy / androgynous style that I much prefer. They are clothes I know I will be comfortable in which would be a massive change for myself. But more on that in a future post.

What does you autumn / winter wardrobe consist of? Let me know.

See you soon,

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