Lynx You*

Lynx has been one of my go to deodorants for a very long time so when Lynx offered to send me a few products I couldn't wait to receive them. Over the years I have tried a variety of scents but out of them all the new Lynx You is by far one of my favourites. 

I have never been one for girly scents and the Lynx You is quite a masculine scent however I have had nothing but complements on it. Which is quite surprising as some peoples opinions are usually the opposite to mine. Even though it is a masculine scent it isn't over bearing and is quite subtle. I have also found that the smell lasts a long time. Usually with a deodorant you find yourself having to top it up a few times a day. However I have found that if you use the right amount in the morning that you will only have to really top it up a little in the evening if really needed.

The 150ml can itself has lasted me a few weeks of daily use which to be honest is quite reasonable and at the average price of £3.00 when not on offer I do think you are getting pretty good value for your money. I do think though when I repurchase this I will go for the bigger can.

As silly as it sounds for me another factor look at when purchasing is packaging. I love the twist tops Lynx have on there can as it means when the cans are been transported around it is less likely to get damaged and leak all over. There has been plenty of times when I have had a deodorant in the past, the lid has come off and the actual spray part its self has come off or become damaged meaning it is no longer usable. Another thing I like about the design of this is how basic it looks the black and white with just one tiny bit of yellow. 

I am also hoping to give the shower gel a try once I get through all the others I currently have piling up. It has been a while since I have a matching shower gel and deodorant. If it is anything like the deodorant then it will surely be a winning for me. 

Overall Lynx is definitely one of those brands that I will go back to over and over again, especially when new releases like this come out. I am looking forward to seeing what they have coming up in the future especially with it coming up to Christmas time. I always end up with a Lynx set and last year they had some brilliant ones, hopefully they will have some good sets with the You deodorant in.

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Can you think of any other scents / brands I may like? Let me know.

See you soon,

* This product was sent to me by Lynx. All opinions are my own.

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