Spring 2024 wish list

The weather is slowly starting to change and it is making me realise that my is desperately in need of an upgrade. I am really trying to add what I really need as I am on my weight loss journey however, there are now gaps starting to appear especially as my style is slowly changing. The plan is to add the essentials that are going to be super handy in spring and can be carried forward into the summer so I am getting my money worth out of each item. I will also only be adding bits that go with the new style I am opting for to ensure I am not buying pieces that are going to sit with the tags on for far too long. So here are those pieces that make up my spring wish list...


Vest Tops

It is going to be a layering season for me with vest tops underneath open shirts so I want to make sure that I have plenty of options to rotate through. I already have a few in my wardrobe but to ensure I am covered for all basis I want to a few different styles to be able to rotate between.

Striped T-Shirts

I only have plain or graphic t-shirts in my rotation at the moment and to be honest I am sick of only having those options. Some striped t-shirts would be a great addition to the spring wardrobe as they could be worn with a variety of other pieces I already own and will just be a nice change to wear. I think some nice neutral colours would work perfectly for me and work well going into summer too.

Striped Shirts

I absolutely love a good striped shirt and I have a few in my wardrobe already however, I can never have enough so this spring I would love to add a few more into my wardrobe. I have a lot of blue ones but now I think it is time to add a few different colours and materials into my rotation. These are great as we go into the summer too so I would definitely get my money worth. 


Instagram has made me want a cardigan, something I never thought I would want. The more I see them the more I realise they will suit my new style a whole lot more than my current tracksuit jackets. I am thinking a nice grey one that is a little thicker to get me started and seeing how I get on with it before possibly adding more into the wardrobe.

Rain Coat

As I keep on saying my style is changing and the coats I own don't really flatter that change. The only two I have at the moment are a Gymshark one and a Nike one so that plan is to get a nice smart looking rain coat that isn't going to ruin how my outfits look. I have seen a few options mainly in New Look and Primark so I think I will have a shop around and see what I can find that suits it best.

Grey Trousers

I am still on the hunt for some grey trousers and I am determined that this Spring I will finally have some to wear. I have actually found my ideal pair in Primark however, they never have them in my size so I am going to keep on shopping around just in case another pair catches my eye. 


Low White Converse

I have just added the hi-top version into my rotation so now the plan is to add the low version as an alternative. I used to love wearing my low Converse however, I haven't really had an option for a while so I think it is about time I bit the bullet and got the classic white pair. 

Vans Old Skool

I could really do with upgrading my Van's this spring as my current pair are a little worse for wear now. These have been a staple for me for a while now but I started to wear them for my lifting classes at the gym so they aren't in the best of conditions. A new pair would be great though as they really do go with anything in my wardrobe and I know I definitely get my wear out of them. 

Birkenstock mules

The more I see these the more I fall in love with them. I think they would be perfect just to through on to nip to the shop or quickly walk the dog. However, they look like they would be fun to style too so the possibilities are endless. The Birkenstock ones are pretty pricey so I think until I know I would get my wear out of them I would opt for a cheaper dupe.

White sneakers

It is time, I need to pick up a new pair of all white sneakers. I have been putting this task off as I can't find the perfect pair and with the cost I want to make sure I am only buying what I really want and that I am going to get the wear out of. So far I have narrowed it down to a few Nike options so let's hope this spring these come off the wish list and are finally purchased. 


Baseball caps

Now my hair is growing out I am finding that caps suit me that little bit more so I want to pick up a few this spring. At the moment all the ones I have are more sporty so the plan is to pick up some smarter more plain ones to add to the rotation just to give me options based on the outfits I am wearing throughout the season.


Do I need another pair of sunglasses? Definitely not. However, it isn't spring/summer for me without purchasing a new pair of sunglasses so these are right there on the wish list. I tend to just pick up my sunglasses from Primark although this year I am thinking of getting a pair that is a bit more expensive or simply replacing my Ray Bans which are getting a bit worse for wear now. 


I have said it before and I will say it again, my jewellery collection needs some new additions and what better time to do it than for spring/summer where the jewellery can really make an outfit. I am thinking of adding some nice new silver rings and necklace into my collection for the warmer months as I feel they will really add to some of the outfits I have in mind. Let's see if I actually get around to it or not this time.


All my fragrances are still on the heavier side so it is time to change that I think. The hope is to pick up something a bit lighter that matches the spring & summer weather well, I just don't really know where to start as there are so many options out there. Fingers crossed I can find something though as it is about time I got a new fragrance.


It is about time I purchased a bag as my pockets just aren't cutting it for everything I need to carry these days. I am thinking a nice black cross body bag might do the trick and it will be reserved for days out. Then another cheap one for dog walks so I aren't getting my day to day one ruined. Now I just need to see if I prefer a men's or women's one, I think plenty of shopping around will be taking place.

It is about time I started actually purchasing pieces off this list rather than just wishing I owned them as each piece will certainly help elevate the spring outfits. There are a fair few bits on this list however, I am quite pleased that there aren't as many as there usually is plus a lot of these will roll into summer which is even better as I am definitely going to get my money worth out of them. 

For now though I can't wait to start adding these pieces to my wardrobe but which do I get first...

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