Getting Fit For Football Week 7 Wrap Up


Well after a lack of updates here we are at week 6 of the get fit for football series and things are finally starting to take shape. We are finally seeing the mental improvements alongside the scales finally showing a change in the right direction. Week 6 started off so well however, towards the end of the week things changed pace and I started to drop of the pace which is a bit frustrating as the weeks stats could have been a whole lot better if I kept up the same as the start of the week.

So here are the stats for the week...

Previous weeks weight 100.4 kg

Week 2 weight 99.8 kg

Difference     - 0.6 kg

It might not be a full kg down but finally I am under that 100 kg mark but more on that later. To say how badly Wednesday to Saturday went I am pleased with this loss as I 100% expected to see a gain on the scale. I am hoping that seeing this drop is going to motivate me even further to reach that next mini goal as soon as possible. It just goes to show a mix of a week can still show the results. Now it is time to get back on track though and have a full week the same way I started week 6, I am sure that will bring some results in the right direction.  

 There were a few highs in the week but not half as many as I would have hoped for. The first high definitely has to be getting under that 100 kg mark, this is something I have wanted to do for a long time now and finally the time has come. As we approached the end of the week I really didn't think I would be able to hit this so to weigh in and see those scales say 99.8 kg was brilliant. Now I just need to keep it off and push towards the next mini goal I have set myself. 

Another high for the week is definitely the fact I managed to play a full 50 minute game of football. I am used to doing about 12 minutes then coming off for a bit before going back on for a bit longer however, I managed to do the full 50 minutes this time around and I am certainly proud of that. Granted as the game progressed my tracking back declined due to very heavy legs however, they managed to carry me through the full game and even my chest seemed to hold out which was a bit of a surprise, I did manage to get my inhaler during a few breaks in play but I did do better than I expected in that area too as I thought my chest would mean I had to sit out for a bit. 

As with every journey I also suffered a few lows in the week one of which was going off track with my food. I was smashing it at one point, having nutritious meals but then I was offered a different lunch at work and things went down hill from there as I started to eat out a lot more and although I stuck within my calories I just wasn't fueling my body correctly and the food choices weren't as beneficial as others would be, I definitely need to work on resisting the temptation and sticking to the planned meals. 

My workouts didn't go to plan either as I didn't get to my weight lifting class and missed a full body session due to not being 100%. I am a bit disappointed that I missed these however, I know that the rest will be more beneficial for me in the long run and if I am not feeling well I shouldn't push myself too far like I have previously done. 

Mentally I am noticing a bit of a difference within myself, I have felt a lot more positive throughout the week even when things weren't really going to plan. I also feel like I am a little less bloated than I have been in recent weeks which is certainly a difference. 

Now looking ahead to the new week, I want to be prepared and ready to work towards that next mini goal. That is why Monday is going to be a rest day as my legs are still heavy from football Sunday and a rest day is certainly needed. Tuesday will be football training which I am already looking forward to. Wednesday is going to be a full body session then Thursday is going to be that weight lifting class. Friday will be another full body session whilst Saturday will either be a rest day or the start of my couch to 5k journey. The week will finally end with another football match if all goes to plan. If all these workouts take place we should be on track for another good week. 

As always with a new week comes new goals and here are my goals for the week...

- Do a food shop 

- Attend football training

- Play a football match (if it goes ahead) 

- 2 full body sessions

- Attend the weight lifting session

- 8,000 steps a day

- Minimum of 2 meals out

If all these goals are complete I am sure that the scales will be showing a number in the right direction and towards that 15 kg goal overall. These goals will also help me push on that ultimate fitness goal which is definitely going to help me through those football games in future as one full game was a struggle but I managed it. Just imagine what games will be like when that fitness falls into place. I can't wait to see what week 7 holds for me...

Start weight 100.8 kg

Weight now 99.8 kg 

Lost so far  - 1 kg

Still to go for goal of 15 kg : 14 kg

Check back next week to see how week 7 went let's hope for another good week where a lot more goals have been ticked off...

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