March 2024 Goals


How are we already in March? Every year seems to fly by quicker and quicker, I guess that is just a part of getting older though. February was a pretty good month however, I am determined to make March even better. I am determined that March is going to be the month where at least 90% of these goals are ticked off and things are finally sorted around the house rather than putting things off like I have been doing. So here are those goals I am setting myself for the month ahead...


Empty the wash baskets at long last

Once these wash baskets are empty the last of the clothing will have been decluttered and I will know all of the items I have and what needs replacing. I also think it will give me a sense of accomplishment as it is a task that has been needed for a long time but has just been put off. I am so ready for a fresh start when it comes to clothing and this is a good place to start.

Accessorize outfits a lot better

Now the wardrobe are redone I have a lot of my accessories out and easily accessible so there really is no need for me not to be adding these to my outfits. I want to put some time to one side each morning to piece the right jewellery with the outfits I am wearing and the right fragrance rather than just rushing around like I currently do. This is such an easy way to level up an outfit so I need to start putting it to the test.

Sort out my Spring footwear rotation

Spring is right around the corner even if the weather isn't starting to reflect that just yet. This means I need to sit and go through my footwear to pick out those perfect pieces for the Spring season. I am determined that I will be mixing up what I wear so by selecting a clear rotation should really help me get wear out of different styles of footwear that work well with the different outfits I am piecing together for the season.

Go on a shopping trip to pick up the basics

As I mentioned earlier I am looking for those gaps in my wardrobe now that it has been decluttered and I am determined that in March I will be going on a shopping trip to fill in those gaps with some nice basics and Spring pieces. I am going away at the end of March too so I need to get a few of these bits for my holiday and maybe a few accessories for me to take too but we shall see on that last part. 

Get the wardrobe Spring ready

This is almost done and I guess if all the goals above go to plan it will be successfully completed. I want to make sure everything is good to go ready for the change of the season as I am sick of buying items out of season then not being able to wear them for a long time. I want to get everything and be able to wear it all straight away.


Get out on the nightly dog walks

I usually just leave all these to Liam especially when I have had the dog all day. I really want to start going out on these walks with Liam and the dog though as I think it will do me the world of good and it will be nice to spend that little more time together as that time has dramatically reduced lately.

Finish the bedroom

There was a lot of progress on the bedroom in February so in March we only actually have a few finishing touches to do. There is the new skirting that needs to go on, decor to be added and a few touch ups needed on the paint along with a few bits of furniture needing to be built but all in all these jobs shouldn't take too long and the room will finally be done.

Start on the next job

Now this is where things get tricky as after seeing the progress in the bedroom and finally getting those long over due renovations done I want to keep the momentum going and make a start on another job in March. There is talks of the gym work finally starting and this is going to be a big job in the grand scheme of things however, we are relying on other people for that so there is a chance it may not get done in March. I would also love to make a start on the spare room/office as there isn't actually that much cost involved in the room and we can do it without relying on others really so we need to sit and work out which is the next project and then hit the ground running with it.

Sort the bathroom shelves

The bathroom shelves are absolutely over run at the moment and it is about time they were sorted once and for all. There are empty products, out of date products and items we are just never going to use so the plan is to remove everything and sort through it only putting back what we are going to use. This should make finding this so much easier especially if we go ahead and organise the shelves properly.

Learn to balance my time better

This is actually a big downfall for me and I know I could achieve so much more if I just balanced my time better. I need to learn to say no to going out all the team and actually spend time at home, I also need to learn to switch off and spend more time with Liam and the dog as I feel like I have been neglecting them. The goal for March is to spend more time with them and less time on my phone but also make sure the time is balanced so I can be productive on the websites and get things done around the house but we shall see how that goes.


Post daily on the Edge of the Area Tik Tok 

I am determined to see this account grow and I know that with a bit of consistency this should take place. I have plenty of ideas for the content I want to create on here so it is just a case of actually filming the pieces, editing them and posting them. I posted quite a bit in February so lets hope more can be done in March. 

Post twice a week on the TNG Tik Tok 

Again I really want to try grow this Tik Tok account so to make sure I am not overdoing it for myself I am planning to start off in March with a few posts each week just to see what content works and doesn't work. We will see how this one goes especially with me doing so much for Edge of the Area however, I am quite hopeful I can get it done.

Start filming reels for TNG Fitness account

Now this is something I have wanted to do for a while however, my confidence just hasn't been there for it. Throughout March though I want to push myself and post 1 reel a week on the account, it could be a mixture of topics and I haven't settled on a set group of ideas yet but we will see how this one plays out as I am hopeful this is something I can complete.

Start looking for a new tripod & camera bag

If I am starting to film more content I want to make sure the gear I am using is suitable for what I require. My current tripod and bag are very cheap and if they are heading outdoors for periods of time I don't think they will be able to withstand the elements. There is also the fact I have a trip coming up this month where I want to take my camera so I need a better way of transporting it to keep it safe.

Start saving for a new camera

The final goal of the month is something I have wanted to do for ages now but have kept putting off for various reasons aka I have been wasting my money instead. I am determined though that in March I will finally put some money to one side to start saving up for a camera that is much better suited to my needs. I want something that is better quality for video so whilst I am shopping around for the perfect camera I may as well start saving for it. 

So there you have it those are my goals for March, I am really hoping it is going to be a super productive month where the majority of these goals will be ticked off however, I guess only time will tell for that so make sure to check back at the start of April to see just how I did get on. 

What are some of your goals for March?

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