The treats I am saving for when my 30th birthday rolls around


I am in my final year of my 20's and I have decided that I want to mark the occassion of turning 30 by treating myself to a few presents that are more on the luxury side of things. I am going to be using the whole of year 29 to save up for these items and fingers crossed I can get them all if not just a few of them due to the costs. Nearly all the items on this list are items I have wanted for years too but I have put off saving for them this time though as they are gifts I will be making sure I use the year to build up the savings to treat myself at long last. As I say a lot of these items have been on my radar for a long time so I know I wont be getting them for the sake of it and I will be getting items I genuinely really want. It would be great if I was able to get these and also incorporate some of my goal shop into it too but I am not sure if I will be close to that stage or not by the time my 30th rolls around, fingers crossed we are though. So here are those presents I would love to purchase for myself for my 30th birthday...

Jordan 4 UNC's

These sneakers have been on my wish list for far too long now but I haven't been able to justify buying them as they are currently sitting at around £500 to purchase. I am determined that I am going to have these by the time I am 30 though as they really are the dream sneakers for me. This is definitely going to take a lot of saving up and no doubt the price will increase in the next 12 months but I am 100% that my dream sneakers will be owned for my 30th birthday.

A nice watch

Liam actually got me a really nice smarter looking watch for my birthday this year and I love it but one thing I wanted to do is build up a watch collection as they are something I have loved for a while. I would love to be able to put to one side some money each month so that by the time my 30th rolls around I can treat myself to a nice new watch to add to the collection. I really do need to get out of the habit of wearing my Apple watch daily too as there are a fair few watches I have my eye on.

A nice fragrance

I absolutely love a good fragrance and my collection of those is slowly rowing too however, some of the bottles I have my eye on have quite the price tag to go with them. I will be using my 30th birthday to really treat myself to a fragrance that could become a bit of a signature scent for me even if it would usually be way above the price I would usually pay. So far Creed Aventus or a bottle from Penhaligons which again is way above my usual price point.

Ralph Lauren Bear Sweatshirt

The Ralph Lauren bear sweatshirt is another item I have wanted for a long time but again I couldn't justify getting one so why not wait and pick it up for my 30th. Who knows by then there may be a new design I prefer or it may have come down in price but by waiting and picking this up as a 30th gift to myself I might actually be able to get it close to my goal size as fingers crossed in 12 months time I will be closer to my target weight, granted I am around 5 stone off this but who knows what will happen in 12 month time.

New football boots

Now granted I probably don't need these but they would definitely be a very nice 30th birthday treat especially as I am planning on playing again next season. My current boots are the elite model soI was definitely spoilt when my parents got me them and to be honest with how they are I don't think I would want others below the elite category so I will definitely have to start saving for these if I want them alongside other items on this list as they will certainly not be cheap.

Gymshark set

This one is by far the cheapest on the list so it is the one I am most likely to get myself I guess. It has been a long time since I last purchased something from Gymshark so it is definitely time to change that. I am thinking of maybe picking up a t-shirt, hoodie, pair of shorts and a pair of sweat pants, this would be a complete set that is suitable for all weathers and all types of training. No doubt it will take me 12 months to narrow down which items I actually want.

So there you go those are the items I am hoping to pick up for my 30th birthday, I have 12 months to save up for these items and those 12 months are definitely needed to get as much money put together as possible to purchase the items on this list. Let's hope by the time I am 30 I will have at least half of these items will be brought into my home.

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