Let's have a look at the goals I have set for October


October is here, one of my favourite months as it is when the weather gets colder, the dark Tuesday nights at football take place and the nights after work just become a lot cozier. October is going to be a very busy month with the football and lots of different events taking place however, I am determined to smash the month and complete more than half the goals I set for myself. The goals I have set are definitely a bit more realistic this time around to make the month a bit less hectic and here is what I am hoping to get out of the month...


Get the wardrobe decluttered

How many times have we had this goal on the list? Well I am determined that October is the last time it will appear in 2023. Once the wash baskets are empty there is going to be nowhere for the clean clothes to go so I desperately need to make time to get this done. The aim is definitely the clothes section and if possible the storage section above too as that is well and truly out of control.

Only buy the items I really need to replace

Over the past few months I have slipped back into old habits and have started buying things for the sake of it so October's rule is I am only allowed to buy an item of clothing if the old item definitely needs replacing. There is an exception to this which you will see next but I am hoping this stops me wasting money on clothing and helps me keep the wardrobe under control for once and for all.

Buy a few plain hoodies

This is a bit contradictory to the previous goal however, I really want to pick up a plain black hoodie and a plain grey hoodie for my wardrobe. As it stands I only have printed hoodies which don't really align with the looks I am opting for these days so something plain would be a welcomed addition and help me create some great autumn looks that are layered.

Buy a new piece of jewellery

I wanted to add a lot of jewellery to my little collection this year but then one thing led to another and I haven't added anything. I am hoping that in October I can at least treat myself to a bracelet or maybe another nice necklace. No doubt these will come from River Island as that seems to be my go to for jewellery.

No wearing the same footwear 2 days running

This is a goal I have set myself in the hopes of getting into the habit of mixing up my footwear rather than wearing the same beat up Air Force day in day out. I have some many great pieces of footwear but I just tend to stick to the beaters 90% of the time but that is about to change and I am going to get the wear out of other pairs I own.


10 no spend days

I tried this one last month and didn't quite manage it so I have decided it is going to be a goal once more and it is going to be a big focus for the month. I really don't need to be spending money everyday like I have been doing especially if I am trying to save for jobs doing. 10 days are definitely achievable and would be a good start to build up the savings and create a good money habit.

Launch my project and make 3 sales

I really wanted to have this little project up and running in September but time ran away and the launch never happened. I am determined that October is going to be the month things take shape and I launch the project. The aim is to have 3 sales from the project before the end of October too so fingers crossed that happens.

Create a skincare routine

This is another goal that has rolled over from September and is one I know is important especially as the cold weather approaches. My skin is terrible all year round however, it tends to get worse in the colder months so I am hoping in October I can create a skincare routine I can stick to all month and beyond in the hopes that I can keep my skin in better condition and much less damaged from the cold weather. I have all the products it is just a case of using them.

Get the bedroom decluttered

The bedroom is an absolute state at the moment and it is about time that changed. There are items just dotted around everywhere, things that can be binned and things that need a home, I am determined that in October I am going to have maybe half a day just totally gutting the bedroom and only putting back in items that are needed. There is no need for the bedroom to be like it is so it is time it got sorted once and for all.

Get the dining room decluttered

The bedroom is a dumping ground as I just mentioned but the dining room is worse. You can't even see the dining table due to the gathering of coats, bags and junk so its is time that got sorted plus the bookcases are full of junk so I really need to go through and sort out those too. This room is one you sit looking into from the living room and I absolutely hate how it looks and am sick of it stressing me out so this is going to change in October.


Boxing 3 times

I have looked at my calendar and have decided realistically I could make it to 3 boxing sessions during October so that is why the goal is 3 times. There is no reason for me not to be making these sessions and I really need to start going back as it helps me so much on my physical journey and also my mental journey. It is amazing how much of a benefit just one hour a week can be.

Lose 5lb's

Last month I finished the month having lost 4lbs which was my goal for the month so I am going to push myself that little bit further now and aim to lose 5lbs across the course of October, I will have 4 weigh ins to achieve this and I know it is more than achievable if I don't fill my body with junk and stick to a plan.

Football training every Monday

There really is no need for me not to be at training sessions unless I am unwell. I know that these sessions help me with my fitness journey and also help me develop on the pitch so I need to be hitting as many as I can to make sure I am developing as much as possible. Plus training increases my chances of being picked for the league games and I am determined to play in more than I did last season.

Get the football box sorted

Once this box is sorted out life is going to be made much easier. The football box is where game day essentials and training essentials are going to be kept so kit, clothing, shin pads and medical bits, once everything is in this box it means on a game day I can go over and know everything is in there ready to be packed into my bag. I am so sick of losing a shin pad so getting this done is high on the priority list.

Limit to ordering 3 takeaways a month maximum

We have fallen into the lazy mode again of not cooking for ourselves and ordering in most nights which certainly is no good for our health and our bank accounts. I am hoping that we can limit to a maximum of 3 takeaways over the course of October as this will help us save some more money and also help me work toward the goal of losing 5lbs over the course of the month.


Post on Instagram 20 times 

This is per account and I am hopeful that I am going to be able to do this across at least 3 of the 5 accounts as I set out to challenge myself. I really am hit and miss with posting but I know that I have the potential to really grow the accounts to how I want them to be. 20 times over the course of October should really help get me into the habit of posting a lot more often over the course of the year.

Post twice a week on gaming Facebook

I used to use my gaming Facebook a lot, posting memes etc, and I used to get so much engagement from it but since neglecting the gaming blog I have also neglected the Facebook which I am mad at myself for. I am determined to use October to get back into the routine of posting on Facebook a lot more often and hopeful also posting on the blog a lot more often too.

Post daily on the TNG Media Instagram

I know I said earlier my goal was to post 20 times on Instagram however, I have a slightly different goal for the media account as I want this to be the main focus as I want to push myself with this and push myself out of my comfort zone to create different content and grow my account and the ideas I have had.

Start using iMovie to edit or another editing platform

At the moment I don't tend to use any proper editing platform I usually throw clips together in app or in CapCut however, I want to change this so I become more confident in editing whilst also gaining experience in other editing programmes which will certainly become handy in the future. it is about time I started learning new skills and this is the perfect starting point.

Update the Macbook

Do you know those boring tasks that you just put off over and over again? Well this is one of them. I have put off updating the Macbook for so long now but it is getting to the stage where I really need to go ahead and click that update button. Updating it will definitely help out as I will no doubt gain new features and it will speed up once more but it is just a case of how long is the update going to take that puts me off.

So there you go I am really hoping that I have a good month and see a lot of these goals get ticked off even if life does get busy this is going to be where my priorities lie as it is about time I got my life together. Now let's pick one of the easier goals to start with hand set the ball rolling for a good month.

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