Why do I want to save for so many sneakers?


If you have read the blog for a while now you will know just how much I love sneakers and the whole culture surrounding them. This has been a love of mine for a very long time now and thanks to sneakers being all I tend to wear daily the love for them just grows and grows and with social media playing a big part of life these days my attention is being drawn to even more absolutely fantastic pairs and the cost of the wish list just grows and grows so I know now that I need to start saving for the pairs I really want rather than buying pairs just because they are cheap which I usually tend to do.

As I am trying to get better with my money I know now I need to cut back on the amount I spend to save for everything else I want to do but I really don't want to cut out buying sneakers as they are an area I use to express myself through my style, they are what I centre a lot of outfits around and I wear most pairs daily so I know it is an investment rather than a waste of money. I would rather use a pair of sneakers to make my outfit stand out rather than a t-shirt or an item of jewellery as the sneaker can easily become a conversation starter and also adds a sense of comfort to the outfit especially if you are on your feet all day. 

As soon as I started earning my own money I was buying sneakers more than any other item, as I say it was just my way of experimenting with my style however, over the time I have spent a lot of money on a fast growing collection and I am one of those people who have pairs they don't wear as they don't wear them so I am making an effort to save for the sneakers I want whilst trying to wear the sneakers I already own and finally get the wear out of them. I know that I could discover new favourite sneakers whilst saving for the pairs I really, really want.

With the current sneaker market it is so hard to find the pairs I really want at retail price, in 2022 it took me months just to get a pair of air force which drove me mad, it shouldn't have been that hard to find a pair of white sneakers. I am determined not to spend over the odds for most pairs however, there are a few pairs of sneakers that I have wanted for years now and they are still pairs I am aiming to buy now as my stance is still on the same these. I would rather save up to get these pairs at long last rather than buying cheap pairs for the sake of it. I actually have a bit of a separate savings pot set up now ready to build up a fund to buy those pairs I really, really want. 

I can definitely save up for these sneakers if I just stop getting caught up in the brands promotion campaigns as currently I get a bit too sucked into the campaigns and buy the sneakers just for the sake of it and then regret it a few months down the line. I think by knowing I have to save up to get the sneakers it might actually help me keep putting more money into saving and it might also help me save up a bit more as it will definitely feel a lot more like a treat compared to just a usual purchase. 

Lets hope this all goes to plan and I stick to only buying the sneakers I really want rather than just throwing money away.

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