January 2023 Fitness Update


Well January flew by in the blink of an eye and I will be honest it really didn't go as planned however, rather than get mad at myself for the lack of progress and slight gain I am going to consider January as the practice month for the year, take the points of what I could have done better and work on changing those outcomes and having a fantastic February. I have plenty of takeaways from the first month of 23 and I know exactly what needs to be done better now. So here are how January's goals went...

Lose 7lbs

I definitely set the bar too high with this one and I don't think I ever realistically stood a chance of achieving it however, it has taught me a lot about what I need to do to actually get to that point and made me re-evaluate what I need to do to actually achieve a loss once more. 

Increase the weights lifting slightly in sessions

I am trying this one again in February as I didn't get through too many sessions in January but more on that later on in the post. I didn't want to rush into adding more weight when I was starting a new programme and still getting used to new exercises. If all goes to plan I should be able to make the increase in February which I am really hopeful for.

Meal prep weekly

I managed to do a bit of this throughout the month but not as much as I would have liked. Again though I am going to try redo this in February as when I did manage to give it a try I had a really good week of eating nice healthy lunches that kept me fuller for longer. Lunches are a big downfall for me so doing weekly meal prep makes a huge difference.

Only 2 meals out or takeaways in month

This one really didn't go to plan in January as I kept getting tempted to days out with family which led to meals out and whilst there I didn't pick the best options. During about the middle of the month we got pretty lazy when it came to cooking too so this goal really didn't happen but again we are trying to get back on track and cut those takeaways out especially as we are trying to save more money so fingers crossed we can get back on track.

7K steps daily

I was definitely hit and miss on this one but on those days where I did hit 7K steps or above I felt absolutely fantastic, I really need to get back into the habit of doing these steps every single day as I feel great when I do get them done or achieve even more than expected. I know I am more than capable of doing this it is just making sure I am getting out and moving.

2 litres of water daily

This is the one goal I have absolutely smashed throughout January, no matter what the situation I had my big water bottle by my side and I was hitting more than 2 ltrs of water most days. I just feel so good when I am properly hydrated and I feel like I have more energy which I really can't complain about. This is a goal I can smash month after month as I can't stop drinking water.

Complete every session scheduled for each week

Unfortunately I didn't manage this due to being ill, life going 100 mph and just generally being stuck in my own head with not wanting to do anything as I felt a bit drained mentally. I am really hoping that I can get back on track in February and see some great progress in my sessions and the amount I complete. Fingers crossed my new routine will really help with this too.

So here is how the scales looked in January...

Beginning of January weight: 14 stone 12 lb 

End of December weight : 14 stone 13 lb

Total loss for the month : - + 1lb

So here are the goals I am making for myself to hopefully smash in February...

- Lose 5lb 
- Increase weights slightly in sessions 
- Meal prep weekly 
- 7K steps daily 
- 2 ltrs water daily 
- Hit every weights session 
- Get workout clothes organised
- Try 1 new meal a week 
- Get out on more walks 

So there you go I am considering January to be a practice month as it really didn't go to plan but I am 100% ready to make the most out of February even if it is a shorter month. I have plans in place, my eyes on those goals and I am determined to get towards my first stone lost by the end of March, which is why a big push is needed. 15lbs in 2 month sounds do able if I nail the basics and get all my sessions in over the next two months. Time to focus now and see what February holds for me.

Total loss for 2023 : + 1lb

Total loss since start of journey : - 1 stone 3 lb

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