June 2018 Favourites

June was a good month plenty of time was spent with Liam, we actually got a fair bit done around the house. I finally had my MRI on my knee and we should hopefully have some answers on that soon, it seems to have been such a long process. But here are a few of my favourites throughout the month of June.

Beauty wise I haven't actually discovered many new items or fallen in love with many new ones. the only 2 items I could possibly class as my favourites are my new Lynx Gold deodorant and my R+Co thickening spray, which I will be doing full posts on very soon.

Primark had definitely been a favourite in June, especially the mens section. So many times I went in there and came out with bags full of items, my wardrobe is starting to take shape thanks to them. Another favourite has been my black and white Nike SB's they are such a comfortable lightweight trainer that have been perfect for this warm weather. They go well with my skinny jeans and also with my shorts which I have dared to wear outside of the house. 

This is where my favourites really come into play, we have had Demi Lovato release her new song Sober, which is absolutely amazing, we also had Drake release his new album and wow I went off Drake for a little while but that love for him is definitely back now. The World Cup is in full spin and I think this could be one of my favourite World Cup's yet, full of surprises and you really can't call any of the games. I just aren't keen on the introduction of VAR, that still has to win me over. My overall favourite for the month definitely has to be the 10 year wait ending and me finally getting to see Demi Lovato live, she was absolutely amazing and I just want to see her again already. She is one of my favourite musicians of all time and I love how much of a connection she has with her fans.

So there you have it those are my favourites from June, what were some of your favourites?

See you soon

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