Fashion Inspo : Halsey

Halsey is one of those musicians who I not only love for her music but also for her style. Sometimes it can look so simply and comfortable then other times it can be totally out there and showcase Halsey's personality. I much prefer her simple casual style as it is something I could see myself wearing day in day out. This style is not too feminine yet not too masculine. Another thing I love about Halsey is her confessed love for trainers or as she would say sneakers, as someone who could easily spend all my money on trainers I can totally relate to her love for them. So here are a few of my favourite casual / comfortable looks of Halsey's...

One thing I am loving looking for lately is sweatshirts or hoodies. Once the temperature drops again I know this is what I will be living in. I am only the look out for some good quality sweatshirts just like this Fila one. I love that it only has the small logo on which if worn alone you can see or if you are wearing a jacket it can be hidden. I am seeing a lot of designer hoodies and sweatshirts that I am loving at the moment so I may have to pick some up. Teamed up with some skinny or straight leg jeans turned up with some hi-tops the combination should look great. I am on the look out for an all white pair of hi-tops too so fingers crossed I can pick up a pair of Jordan's or Air Force 1's.

Another look I love is something a little smarter. The ripped jeans, boots and a long jacket work so well together and create such a nice smart casual look. This would be perfect for those nicer shopping days where you are spending time in a nicer place than usual and fancy smartening yourself up. Ripped jeans are all I wear lately and I am hoping to find a nice long jacket for later on this year, this could also work well with some nice Chelsea boots or military boots. Teamed up with a nice bag and sunglasses and it will be perfect.

Not entirely fashion related but I am getting the urge to dye my hair blue more and more lately, I am even tempted to change my style a little to this one. I personally think I suit shorter hair a lot better and even if wearing a simple minimal colour outfit, the blue hair could make the outfit stand out a little more if done correctly.

Finally you can't go wrong with a bold printed tshirt's, dark jeans and a dark jacket as the bold t-shirt print makes the outfit stand out a lot more. team it up with some bright white hi-tops or trainers and you have another perfect combination.

These outfits are all perfect for a nice casual weekend out or for if I was off out for food one night after work. Some would also be great for low key casual events. I can't wait to give some of these outfits a go for myself as this style really is one I love and is a bit like my own current style.

Keep your eyes peeled over here as I am sure there will be more fashion inspo posts coming soon along with more Halsey.

See you soon,

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