Week #10

This week has actually been great fun. I have been at work but the nights have been spent either relaxing, playing bingo... I actually won and I have even got back into the gym. The quote above is something I am beginning to live by (as well as a few others but more on that another day), my dream is to get back to playing football and be the best I can be both at football and health and fitness wise. Being back in the gym has been great and I am aiming to be back at football very soon.

So here is what I have....

Been watching : My week has been spent watching YouTube videos of the USWNT in both games, the gym and during training. This has been to help me get a workout routine together and also a football training workout together.

Been reading : I haven't ready anything this week however I really want to find copies of Hope Solo, Carli Lloyd and Alex Morgans books.

Been listening to : My gym playlist is full of Tegan and Sara, Paramore and LP so that is all I have listened to really. Although whilst I have been on YouTube I have been listening to a lot of this version of fight song. If you get chance you should really have a listen.

Bought : I have been good again this week all I have bought is train tickets for when we go see Manchester City Women and a few DVD's me and Liam have been after.

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you later,

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