This week #6

This week has been a fun one. As you might have seen on Twitter / Instagram I have finally dyed my hair. It is cosmic blue but doesn't really show on pictures. I also went to see more wrestling because I am totally hooked. Other than that not too much has gone on other than work and spending time with Liam and in the gym.

Been watching : This week has been all about wrestling, I watched it live in Bradford but have also watched all season one of Total Bella's and quite a bit of Total Diva's.

Been reading : This week all I have read is the PlayStation magazine and blogs.

Been playing : I got back into playing Call of Duty this week but really want to start a few more games over the next week.

Been listening to : I am hooked on Nickelback's new album especially song on fire.

Bought : I finally did it I bought the Squirtle from Build a Bear, I have also bought a few wrestling t-shirts to add to my collection.

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you later,


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