To Be Read

 I have slowly started getting back into reading again, which is really helping me relax a lot more. I am almost done with Hannah Hart's book Buffering. I will do a review of this when it is completed. 

I have just booked for a few days in Spain. I am hoping that I can get through at least two books on this holiday as my backlog is far too big. Here are the two books I will be taking.

 I loved John Green's fault in our stars and I am hoping to read that again. However when I had read that I went out and bought all his other books which then got pushed to one side. I am hoping this book is just as good. 

This book I found on one of Sara Quin's SKQ Reads. I started to read it a while back but then forget to pick it back up. 

I can't wait to see if I can get through these. I have also set myself a challenge over on goodreads to read 20 books this year. Hopefully these will start it off nicely.

What are you currently reading? Let me know below.
See you soon

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