Holiday Haul

So I finally get a nice relaxing holiday on Monday and I can't wait. I am looking forward to little adventures and relaxing by the pool or on the beach with quite a few drinks. I haven't been abroad for a while so this has meant my bank account has felt clothes shopping full force. With me only going for 3 nights here are just some of the items I have bought.

 Marks and Spencer shirt - £12.50

Now this is a shop I never go in but I love this shirt to go with my chino's in the image below. It is a bit of a tight fit but it does look great plus the material is lightweight. 

 Marks and Spencer Chino - £19.50

I got a grey and pink pair of these as they are perfect for an evening and are super soft. I usually only wear jeans so these will be a very nice change.

Sainsbury's Girlfriend Jeans - £16

Next stop was Sainsbury's for the 25% off event. I really only wear black skinny jeans so with me going abroad I really fancied something a bit lighter and these baggy girlfriend jeans are perfect. Plus they are something I can wear all the time here too.

Sainsbury's Bermunda Shorts - £14

I loved these the second I had them on. They are not too tight and felt super soft. These can be styled anyway I like and don't break the bank. I am hoping they last me a while too.

Primark Farrell Shirt - £9.00

The second I saw this shirt I was in love. A cool design and lightweight shirt this is going to be one I definitely wear one evening. It looks great buttoned up or even half buttoned with a plain t-shirt underneath. 

Primark Printed shirt - £7.00

I love a good Primark shirt as I am sure you all know.  That is why as soon as I saw this I had to get it. I am looking forward to styling this and even wearing it in the summer over here. The material is perfect and the design just adds that little bit of adventure into the outfit.

 Primark Vest -£2.00

At £2.00 I have got a couple of these and a couple of plain t-shirts just to wear whilst relaxing around the pool or even for under my shirts etc. I literally live in the t-shirt's over here already so I know I get my wear out of them and that they last. 

 Primark Denim Shorts - £10.00

I got these before I got my Sainsbury's ones. My mum told me to take them back but you can never go wrong with these types of shorts and it is always handy to have a few different pairs. These are also a little skinnier than the Sainsbury's ones.

 Primark Swim Shorts - £5.00

I love these types of shorts just for lounging around in and at £5.00 you can't go wrong. These are a little shorter than I usually wear but I love them. The print also just adds a little extra to these shorts.

Primark Sliders - £4.00

Now I was going to get the Adidas ones of these but for how long I will wear them these are a great alternative they are already super soft and comfy as I have to confess I have been wearing them around the house.

So that is some of what I am taking away with me. Who would be interested in some outfit posts of some of these items together whilst I am over there?

See you soon

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